How Much Does a Ford F150 Weigh

how much does a ford f150 weigh

The Ford F150 is an excellent go-anywhere vehicle for frequent travelers. It is one of the best trucks on the market and is ideal for people who need to transport hay or merchandise. It is sturdy and has a capable engine, so it’s perfect for hauling cargo. The F150 is also available in different models, … Read more

Car on ZERO Percent Finance

car on zero percent finance

Most auto dealers provide interest-free loans to attract new and returning customers and sell more cars. Obviously, zero percent finance is a good deal, even though it may seem too good to be true. However, you’ll need to trade with caution even if you’re offered a zero percent financing deal. Sometimes, it’s advisable to get … Read more

Does Car Shield Really Work in 2022

does car shield really work

The amount you spend on car repairs in the last 6 months can be well over $3000 depending on the type of repair and the part of the vehicle that was repaired. Let’s pick brake pads, the average cost to cover the repair of brake pads is around $100 – $300 per axle, both for … Read more

Who makes Supertech oil 2022

who makes supertech oil

There are a whole lot of engine oils but Supertech Oil is one of the high-quality oil you will ever find in today’s market. Supertech Oil formulation was done to meet all of the USA’s oil requirements. Its synthetic formula can protect gasoline engines during extreme temperatures. A lot of people think that Walmart is … Read more

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Safe?

are quick release steering wheels safe

Quick release steering wheels are the particular system that can use in the adapter of billet hub with tapped holes for the OEM steering wheels. It uses the non-standard fine bolt-pattern. The hub adapter is equipped with the upper recess that offers space to the OEM center cap steering wheel and the lower recesses. It … Read more