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Uncovering the Best Car Ashtrays on the Market: Revive Your Ride

Smoking is frowned upon by most people owing to its effects on health and the car cigar ashtrays have become a high-class symbol.

Normally, people consider buying cigar cutters, butane lighters, and cigar holders but forget to get their car cigar ashtray.

There are different types of car ashtray available and finding the best car ashtray is important as it collects the cigar ashes and disposes of them.

Top 6 Car Ashtray Reviews

There are several designs in smokeless car ashtrays available and many designers come up with different designs reflecting different tastes of customers.

The ashtrays range from wood to plastic, metal, and also in clay. Ashtray can also be used as a decoration. Let’s go for smokeless ashtray reviews.

1. Custom Accessories 93365D Black Smokeless Ashtray

Custom Accessories 93365D Black Smokeless Ashtray,0.3

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Custom Accessories 93365D Black Smokeless Ashtray featuring detachable stainless removable is a cool little one that is eye-catching. The LED blue lights and the steel lid flipping are good.

This is the best-rated smokeless ashtray that has a car lighter removable attached to the top.

The material is non-flammable, and features ash grills that are easily accessible and easy to clean, making an ideal gift to family members and friends.

The ashtray LED light opens on lifting the lid and the cover stays secure keeping the smell from lingering.

As there is a cigarette lighter, one can gently light it and smoke conveniently. Moreover, it is portable with a removable design liner that cleans the liner easily as possible and thus protects the ashtray bottom. 

There is uniqueness and it looks fashionable, that it is surely eye-catching and will surely be a choice for people looking for extravagance.


  • A sweet gift for friends
  • The smell does not spread
  • Good sealing performance
  • Classy look


  • Expensive choice

2. SOLARXIA Car Ashtray, Auto Ashtray Cigar Electronic Cigarette Lighter Detachable Solar Powered

SOLARXIA Car Ashtray, Auto Ashtray Cigar Electronic Cigarette Lighter Detachable Solar Powered/USB Rechargeable with Lid Blue LED Light for Most Car Cup Holder Home Office (Black)

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Cigarette smoking has become a fad and now also considering the style and health concepts, the ashtrays are coming in a variety of choices. One such choice is the SOLARXIA Car Ashtray in black.

It has a beautiful design and comes to fit in your car, RV, golf cart, or even a boat as a cup holder. It is slotted to hold at a time three cigarettes and is the best outdoor ashtray.

SOLARXIA Car Ashtray features on the top three sections and glows in the dark such that the ashtray is practical in all situations.

The designed lid especially works to trap the smoke and thus it helps by not allowing stale odors outside. It keeps the ashes completely out of sight.  If you wish to extinguish your cigarette, you may drop it.


  • Fits most cup holders
  • The removable lid allows emptying contents to easily
  • No need to stub the cigarettes out.


  • A bit pricey
  • As the smoke and cigarette are trapped inside, it is almost like a garbage can

3. THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid, Portable Ashtray for Car

THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid, Portable Ashtray for Car, Mini Car Trash Can, Detachable Stainless Steel Smokeless Ash Tray with LED Blue Light

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THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid, Portable Ashtray for Cars is portable such that it is smokeless and can be carried anywhere on the go. Moreover, it fits most cup holders in the car.

It presents a premium luxury design that is classic and the LED on the inner side makes it convenient even at night to use it.

THIKPO Car Ashtray is a good gift for people who smoke and drive their cars. The car ashtray is of high and new quality. It is not only easy to carry but is also suitable to fit any car cup holder, besides being smokeless.

The best part is it’s portable. There is a premium luxury design, reducing effectively the secondhand smoke.  In fact, the LED feature makes it safer for nighttime and is also easier.

Being portable, it is good for car use and home. For this feature, it is the best car ashtray. The LED lights last for a longer time, even without any maintenance and care.


  • High-quality material that is fireproof
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fancy design and LED blue light
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Good for late-night drives


  • Little Expensive
  • Possibilities of  forgetting are more as it is portable

4. Ash Bucket (2 Pack Extinguishing Car Cigarette Ashtray Butt Bucket Portable Ashtray)

Ash Bucket (2 Pack Extinguishing Car Cigarette Ashtray Butt Bucket Portable Ashtray Smoking Accessory Auto Truck Home Office Beach Black

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Ash Bucket Portable Ashtray is a perfect choice as a car ashtray. It looks elegant; it is also well-designed, besides being highly functional. It is well made and offers value for money.

Ash Bucket Portable Ashtray is much safer and it is said so as the moment you flip the lid the cigarette extinguishes completely, regardless of whether you put it out fully or not.

There is an advantage with Newness stainless steel cigarette ashtray as it is safer and reduces the car smoke smell, cutting off the oxygen completely.

It does fit most of the cup holders perfectly and makes a great product. Getting this in stainless steel ensures it functions well and also looks good.

The lid as the inner holder is molded such that you can keep both hands free on the wheel conveniently and with this minimal design it is also not disapproving to your co-passengers.


  • Simple and elegant
  • Fits most car cup, holders
  • Minimal design
  • Cuts of the smoke smell


  • Not light-weighted
  • The cigarette is put off immediately upon touching the lid

5. Auto Car Ashtray Portable with Blue LED Light

Vurtne Auto Car Ashtray Portable with Blue LED Light Ashtray Smokeless Smoking Stand Cylinder Cup Holder (Black)

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Auto Car Ashtray Portable with Blue LED Light ashtray in stainless steel is the best car ashtray.

This is a folding cherry ashtray with a finish of high gloss cherry that you can gift to your husband and bring a smile to his lips it is wide and deep and it can hold a lot of butts.

Having an Auto Ashtray lighter works great. The ashtray functionality is the best and one thing that is a bit annoying is that the lighter falls out if it is placed a bit downside.

Overall it is an amazing product and helps in ash collecting habits development. It features a clipper and there is a lighter in the lid and so nothing to hold.

The lighter requires fluid so that it works, but the ashtray is recessed and has no handle to remove making emptying difficult. Without a handle moving it from the base the ashtray becomes difficult, otherwise, it is a fine ashtray that is functional.


  • The ashtray and the lighter stand on its own
  • Stylish and looks classy
  • A perfect gift for a smoker
  • Heat-resistant


  • Cannot place it side down as the light will fall out
  • Emptying the ashtray is not easy

6. JOCHA Car Ashtray

JOCHA Car Ashtray with lid smell proof Stainless Steel Portable Smokeless Detachable Windproof Self Extinguishing Butt Bucket Ash Tray for Most Car Cup Holder for Outdoor Travel Home Office (Silver)

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JOCHA Car Ashtray comes with a gorgeous look in a cherry steel lacquer finish. This cigar ashtray is a stylish kind featuring modern cigar beds. It accommodates 2 large cigars and has a polished chrome ash reservoir and feet.

This ashtray has a lustrous finish and is something beautiful in cherry steel lacquer. It features an amazing combination of contemporary characteristics including the art deco cigar design of the bed with an ash reservoir matching.

This ashtray is on a chrome-plated polished gorgeous set. It is deep and also larger making it convenient to hold more ash.

It’s larger and one of the best deeper cigar ashtrays. It offers a balancing act to hold the cigar so that it rests properly, and it is too short or out of level.

It is a classy ashtray that is in maple wood and also is available at affordable prices. They are grooved in steel and have stainless steel casings to hold ash.

The wood covers preserve the vibrant presence and the ashtray complements the car by keeping it ash-free.


  • Good quality ashtray
  • Deep and larger making it useful for all
  • Affordable prices


  • Cannot be placed above the ashtray

Why use the Best Smokeless Car Ashtray?

best smokeless car ashtray

There is a need to use a smokeless car cigar ashtray considering the health benefits.

Using one of the best car ashtrays helps to reduce the smoke amount released into the air from the cigar or even from the resting cigarette.

There is a need for a smokeless car ashtray as getting out the smell from the interiors is very difficult and also dangerous to spend time in a space full of contaminants found in the smoke of tobacco.

The smokeless ashtrays do not prevent smoke from contamination, at least as the foremost step to reduce the odors and harmful gases it is useful.

However, it is recommended to go through smokeless ashtray reviews, before buying one.

Car ashtray cleaning tips

We love to be neat and clean, right? We are conscious about cleaning and keeping ourselves clean and fresh because it gives positive energy as well as makes us feel excellent. So, most of us are careful about being clean and fresh but what about the ashtray? Did you notice your brand-new ashtray has turned into horrible garbage?

Then it’s high time you cleaned the ashtray without making any further delay. Some super easy ashtray cleaning tips:

  • Half cup water + 10 drops Peppermint, is the perfect solution to clean an ashtray. With this mixture wash the ashtray rigorously.
  • A layer of baking soda putting inside the ashtray will permanently relax you from cigarette odor.
  • Spray furniture cleaner inside the whole body of the ashtray after cleaning it well. Furniture spray will make sure, the ash doesn’t stick to the body of the ashtray.
  • Canonization caused by the hot ashes inside the ashtray can also be removed with oven cleaner. Take some oven cleaner in a sponge and wipe inside the ashtray.
  • Lemon juice+salt also work well to clean the ashtray.

So these are the super effective, time-saving, and easily available hacks that will remove your worries about taking the ashtray.

Final verdict

Having a quality car ashtray enhances the look of your car and it also gives the smokers a welcome feel to join you in your car.

With all the best features now available in association with a lighter, choosing the best car ashtray meeting your anticipations is the best choice.

For car owners, whether you smoke or not, it is best to have car ashtrays from any of the above-mentioned smokeless ashtray reviews so that when you accommodate smokers you can ask them to dump the ash in the ashtray and not all over your car.

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