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Car name starts with S – Updated list 2023

Are you a car aficionado? If so, how many car brands do you know that start with S? If you know some, then you can name the brands.

However, a car expert can name several cars that start with S in alphabetical order.

People associate car brand names with great importance. It speaks to the belief, tastes, mindset, and culture of a person. Some people desire a particle brand because it symbolizes the name of their favorite celebrity or their name initials.

People prefer cars starting with different letters for various reasons. Whatever the case may be, the reasons are justified.

However, when dealing with automobiles, you should have reliable information. Continue reading to get firsthand information concerning car brands that start with S.

What car names start with S

Several cars start with S. However, we are going to look at major brands only and exhaustively cover them to enable you to be better informed.

SEAT Ibiza 2020


SEAT was established in 1950 in Spain and grew to be the most significant car in the country. The brand has sold over 16 million vehicles since 1950. The SEAT Ibiza model stood out and sold over 4 million in its debut making it the most successful model.

SEAT is the only renowned automaker in Spain that builds and designs vehicles in-house. Also, SEAT takes part in motorsport racing under the SEAT sports group.


Shelby is a classic American car brand designed for those drivers who want to make a strong statement.

The brand started producing cars in 1962 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas. Carol Shelby is the mind behind this brand and he wanted a car with a European balance that can handle the American V8 engine.

To make this a success, he named his automobile production Cobra. Shelby Cobra became an iconic sports car driver who wished to drive. The powerful 6.4-liter V8 engine came with the highest speed of 155mph. Plus, it can go 0mpk to 100mph in under 14.5 seconds.

Shelby released other car models such as Super Snake, Super Serpent, and F-250 models among others.


The Scion car brand started production in 2003 and is an off-shoot of Toyota Motors. The cars are reverse-engineered and built by Toyota. These cars are known for their safety and reliability.

However, it was shut down in 2007 because of the sloppiness in brand sales. Some brands were later resold as models of Toyota cars. For example, the 2016 Scion Ai is similar to the 2018 Yaris Ai. Other models include FR-S 2012, Hako Coupe 2008, Fuse Gallery 2006, and BX 2002 among others.


Barro was founded by Franco Sbarro in 1971. He was a sports car manufacturer who focused on high-performance vehicles. The first vehicle produced was a complete remake of the Lola T70 and ever since the brand broadened its operation to include small series remakes such as BMW 328, Ford GT40, Mercedes Benz 540K, Ferrari 360, and Bugatti Royale among others.

The car brand has manufactured several other concepts and custom high-performance vehicles such as Sbarro GTI Concept, Sbarro GT12, and Sbarro Seb-Millenium Coupe.


Scarab is a USA car producer and a sports car manufacturer. The brand also produces open-wheel cars and is designed and built by Dick Scarab, Tom Barnes, and Dick Troutman.

Back in the late 1950s, the brand gained public traction and acceptance. In the 1958 competition at the Riverside Prix, it dominated despite being relatively new and assembled by a team in a short time.


This is a high-performance sports car made in the USA by Steve Salean back in 1983.

The company was headquartered in California and provided highly functional and limited-edition vehicles like the Mustang. Mustang was later unveiled in 1984 as the company’s first optimal street car.

Ever since, the brand has made various models such as Sportruck, Dodge, XP models, and Chevy Camaro. The cars are lightweight thanks to the sheet metal construction. Its lightweight nature gives it average fuel consumption.

However, they are costly with the latest S7 model released in 2020 having 1300 horsepower.


It’s the leading automaker in Japan and the largest. The car brand is renowned for its continuous use of Boxer engines and turbocharged car models. Subaru car models include Ascent, Outback XT, and Subaru Impreza. Impreza WRX and Legacy. The Subaru Impreza is the most successful model and very popular.


It’s a British automaker that changed hands several times from 1905 to 1967. The car brand attained its peak production making pre-war automobiles that included 1920-1924 Sunbeam 16 hp and the Sunbeam 3-liter. The brand was famed for achieving a world land speed record that led to the production of Sunbeam 350hp and Sunbeam 1000hp.


It’s a US automaker that develops, designs, builds, engineers, and markets sportscars-related parts or full replicas. The brand was founded in 1996 by Jim Price and currently has 6-international dealers. Plus, it has 15 authorized dealers in the USA.

Currently, Superformance manufactures FIA (Cobra 289 replica, Superformance MKIII (427 Shelby Cobra replica), MKII Slab Side, and Superformance GT40 A REPLICA OF Ford GT40.


Michio Suzuki founded the car brand in 1898 and it has a long history in Japan as an icon of sports cars. Suzuki made several car models that include SUVs, sports cars, trucks, minivans, and outboard marine engines.

People love Suzuki because it has a good reputation for affordable bikes and affordable motorcycles in a competitive market. Recent Suzuki cars include Jimny, Grand Vitara, and the S-Cross.

Plus, their car engine designs have greatly advanced over the years even as technology improves.

Sauber Mercedes

The Swiss motorsports group started production in 1989 in collaboration with Mercedes Benz where they built the Sauber Mercedes C9.  In that year, the car won the world sportscar championship and later won the 24hrs Lemans race.


In full it stands for Shelby American Automobile Club and was created in 1975. The focus was on care, history, preservation of winning cars, and enjoyment developed by Shelby American.

The group handled cars produced and raced such as GT500s Cobras, GT350s, and Ford GTs.

However, the operation broadened to include all Ford-powered cars like Panteras, Mangustas, Boss 302, 429 Mustangs, Mustangs, Tigers, and Cobras 4000s.


Saturn LLC was a General Motors subsidiary and a US automaker. It ran independently and marketed itself as a firm.

Saturn produced the first car as Saturn SC and Saturn SL before the company upgraded to producing sedan series, wagons, SUVs, and convertibles.


Which car has an S logo?

Suzuki is the only car with an S logo that looks like a dragon head. The logo has coral flowers on it. It’s a brand that started making cars as far as the 1900s with the S logo on the car’s models adorned sideways.


Cars are a necessity in the modern world. Nowadays, there are several car brands and getting information on all the brands can be hectic. The above list simplifies the work for you by concentrating on only cars that start with S.

These cool rides have great specifications and real beauties. Let us know if you have any queries.

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