What Happens If You Don’t Replace Struts

Not replacing the damaged struts can cause severe accidents. The bad struts affect the braking efficiency and increase the braking distance. They are also responsible for tire wear and further damage to transmission parts. The engine functionalities and control mechanisms are also disrupted by bad struts. This is just the beginning. There is much more … Read more

Detroit Axle Strut Review 2023

Strut and coil assembly is a very vital component in your vehicle’s suspension system, but they wear out with time and can cause you to have an uncomfortable ride, including other issues like worn-out tires. When you notice it becomes difficult to stop your vehicle or you are experiencing really bumpy rides, it is time … Read more

Do you need an alignment after replacing Struts

alignment after replacing Struts

To ensure vehicle balance and maximum ride comfort, car owners occasionally have to replace their strut components. Manufacturer maintenance guide makes it simple to know when to replace your struts, but one query almost always arises: Do you require an alignment after changing shocks and struts? Shocks and struts, a crucial part of your car’s … Read more

How to tell if a Strut is Bad

symptoms of bad struts

Knowing when a strut is bad is important to maintaining a safe and comfortable driving experience. Struts are an integral part of a vehicle’s suspension system and play a key role in keeping your car stable and in contact with the road.  When a strut is bad, it can lead to a number of issues, … Read more