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Cars that start with the letter P – Updated List

As a car enthusiast, it’s always interesting learning about car designs and their great performance. There are many types of cars based on the body looks like SUVs, Coupe, sedans or luxury classes and Economy.

Cars can be classified into various types like those that start with the letter P that we’ll look at shortly.

The information you receive below covers a wide range of cars from high-priced ones. As you plan to buy a car, what are your considerations? Buy the right vehicle that suits your needs. What makes a particular car special?

Most people make this choice based on their lifestyle and budget. What are these cars that start with the letter P?

Cars that start with P

Let’s examine 12 major cars that start with the letter P and delve deeper into their details including car models in production, the year it was founded and other information.


Porsche is the most prestigious car brand today. When you buy a Porsche, you are buying from a forward-thinking automaker that has advanced features. Porsche is recognized world-over for pushing boundaries and is very stylish.

Everything about Porsche is breathtaking from the sleek interiors to the intricate powertrains.

The powertrains are assembled in the state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta but specially engineered in Germany. Porsche is a unique car brand that creates pure and cohesive designs of sleek interiors.

Owning a Porsche gives you an unmatched experience. If you doubt this, then ask anyone with one. Porsche is a car that you don’t buy for aesthetics alone as it gives you a  genuine emotional connection. Besides, the car’s performance is unlike any other.


When you look at Pontiac lined in a row, you will always feel that something is off. Pontiac is one of the oldest brands starting with the letter P. Pontiacs have four doors and look like other cars.

People who buy Pontiacs love their cars as the car brand doesn’t stand out too much. Plus, Pontiacs don’t require special attention and the automaker keeps things simple.


The Malaysian car brand deals in engines and automobiles. The company was founded in 1983 and quickly became the leading automobile manufacturer in Southeast Asia thanks to the partnership with Lotus which is a British automaker.

The first Proton cars were made in Mongolia under a Lada license before production was relocated to Malaysia. The company has many variant models allowing people to pick their favorite choices whether coupes or sedans.

Consider your lifestyle when picking a suitable car model or something that can travel in rough terrain if you live in a rural area. For city dwellers, choose an appropriate model that you can drive for longer periods over long distances.

These are things to factor in any car-buying decision even as you choose a  Proton car that’s appropriate for your needs.

Safety and reliability are vital considerations when buying a car. Look for extras such as Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port,s or satellite radio.


Peugeotgivese drivers several qualities that other vehicles lack.

For instance, their speed and power put them in a class of their own. Besides, they are affordable and easy to customize, making them unrivaled. Peugeot stands out anywhere and is the fastest car brand that starts with the letter P.

Peugeot has over three centuries of experience in the industry and is a top-notch automaker. The car models come in different styles, and quality and are built for performance.

They work great as race cars and make the driver feel in complete control thanks to their stability.


Founded in 1947 and renowned for its design, and styling. The automaker shaped famed car brands like Ferrari from the classics like Mondial, Testarossas, 512 M to Enzo and F430. The company designed cars for other brands like Peugeot, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Volvo.

Today, it designs everything from business to cars and is responsible for giving premium automakers their timeless look.


Prius has an attractive look and is a hybrid car with admirable efficiency. It’s an ideal car if you like to drive a little slower to save on gas and money. Choose Prius if you don’t like boring things.


Originally based in Prague in then Czechoslovakia and has been around since 1899.

Initially, it was produced in numbers including trucks, passenger vehicles, buses,s and race cars. Nowadays, Praga builds military vehicles, fire trucks,s and specialized vans like ambulances.


Polaris is known for building reliable cars that will be there for you whether in a boiling downpour or blizzard. The car is not flash but compensates for it by making high-quality cars. It’s a reliable automaker with a stable output.


It’s a Swedish car brand that partners with Volvo. Polestar gives you a performance-oriented preamble. Currently, the car only offers two car models Polestar and Polestar 1.


It’s the best-selling car brand in Southeast Asia starting with the letter P, mostly because it offers something that American and Japanese car brands don’t which is trust and small size.


Cars are possessions that you buy based on lifestyle and budget.

Some car brands are prestigious while others are environment-friendly. Ultimately, buy a car brand that serves you well from the plenty of options available. Whatever car you buy should meet your needs and lifestyle.

However, consider your commuting distance and storage space to ensure your shopping can fit in perfectly.

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