How Much To Replace Rear Wheel Bearing?

It will cost you $30-$200 to replace the rear wheel bearing yourself. You will also need tools if you don’t already have them, and they can be expensive. If you hire a mechanic, you will need to pay him $150-$200 an hour excluding the cost of the parts. In short, it’s very hard to say … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild A Carburetor?

A Carburetor

The cost to rebuild the carburetor can be anywhere between $200 to $1000. The rebuilding cost of single-barrel carburetors is around $250 to $450. Here, the component cost is around $200 to $400. And the 2 and 4-barrel carburetor rebuilding will cost around $600 and $700. The component cost for these two types of carburetors … Read more

Does Jump Starting a Car Damage the Computer?

Jump Starting a Car Damage the Computer

Even though Jump starting a car is the best option in desperate situations, it can damage the car’s computer (ECU). It’s advisable to stop by the nearest mechanic shop for proper jump-starting procedures. Over time, most car owners keep wondering, “does Jump starting a car damage the computer?”. Let’s examine the answer to the question … Read more

How to Install a Performance Chip

installing a performance chip

A Performance computer chip is a vehicular attachment that is particularly designed to improve a wide range of a car’s systems. In this article, we are going to discuss and learn about how to install a performance chip. What is a Performance Chip? The performance chip is a computerized chip. It tells the main computer … Read more