How to Keep Headlights Clear from any kind of Dust

how to keep headlights clear

Are you concerned about your car’s headlights that they become rusty and yellowish? And you don’t know how to protect them from becoming rusty and oxidized? When you do worry about headlight oxidation, you will first think about protecting the material from rust. No doubt that plastic headlights are built strongly, but when it comes … Read more

How to Vacuum AC System Without Pump

how to vacuum ac system

When you fail to vacuum your car’s AC system after servicing or installation, the system will run at minimal performance. The reason is that the AC system is usually exposed to humidity, air, and moisture that accumulates in it and could cause serious problems if not checked early enough. It doesn’t matter whether or not … Read more

How to Make a Car Exhaust Quieter?

quieter car exhaust

How often do you hear your car’s exhaust when you’re driving? It’s usually such a low rumbling sound that it’s hard to tell if the car is idling or moving, however, a defective exhaust system can be noisy, and this experience can be disturbing when driving. If you want to make your car quieter while … Read more

How to add engine coolant: The Best Way in 2022

adding engine coolant

No matter where you live, whether in the frigid or icy areas of the country, antifreeze is a necessary fluid for every car. Most modern vehicles use water to prevent the engine from overheating. Even though plain water works sometimes, antifreeze or engine coolant and water mixture is perfect and safer. As you change engine … Read more

How to Install a Boost Gauge?

boost gauge installation

Do you want to improve the performance of your turbo or supercharged vehicle? If you want, then installing a boost gauge can be a great change. Boost gauges can read many engine voids and show the amount of pressure produced. With a boost gauge, you can control the boost pressure produced by the turbo or … Read more

How to Read an Odometer in 2023

how to read an odometer

The odometer is an important instrument located at your vehicle’s instrument cluster, and many vehicle owners often find it hard to read.  The odometer is the instrument responsible for the meter reading of your vehicle’s actual mileage. This article reveals how to read an odometer. Reading a Mechanical Odometer It is important to note that … Read more

Will Car Start with Blown Head Gasket?

car start with blown head gasket

Head gaskets sit between the cylinder head and the engine block. It keeps the engine oil and the coolant inside the engine separate from mixing. It also ensures that motor oil and the coolant pass through their galleries without entering the combustion chamber. If the head gasket blows, it will present some ugly situations. Such … Read more

How to Clean Car AC Condenser: 8 Steps in 2022

how to clean car ac condenser

A dirty and clogged car air conditioning condenser can cause bad AC performance. Therefore, regularly cleaning the condenser will enhance excellent performance and increase the AC’s efficiency. When you service your car’s AC condenser, you will certainly enjoy efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s go over the procedures on how to clean a car’s AC condenser. You … Read more