How to Clean Car AC Condenser: 8 Easy Steps 2022

A dirty and clogged car air conditioning condenser can cause bad AC performance. Therefore, regularly cleaning the condenser will enhance excellent performance and increase the AC’s efficiency. When you service your car’s AC condenser, you will certainly enjoy efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s go over the procedures on how to clean a car’s AC condenser. You … Read more

How to make a Jeep Wrangler Ride smoother

How to Make a Jeep Wrangler Ride Smother

Do you like adventure or road trips? If you prefer then a jeep wrangler may be an ideal option for you. At the present time, it has gained more popularity. Its performance and versatility are fascinating. However, those who already have experience using this car are well aware that it can be extremely difficult to … Read more

How to Remove Smoke Smell from Car

remove smoke smell from car

Smoke smell isn’t a shy thing. Whether you carry smokers or you recently stopped smoking and want to get rid of the cigarette smell in your car, you’ll agree with me that this is a foul smell to everyone who doesn’t smoke. Not only does the smell discomfort you as a non-smoker, but it gets … Read more

How to Install a Boost Gauge?

How to Install A Boost Gauge

Do you want to improve the performance of your turbo or supercharged vehicle? If you want, then installing a boost gauge can be a great change. Boost gauges can read many engine voids and show the amount of pressure produced. With a boost gauge, you can control the boost pressure produced by the turbo or … Read more

Muffler Repair and Replacement Cost 2022

muffler replacement cost

A muffler can be found underneath a vehicle. Its presence is mainly to reduce the loud noises produced by vehicles and also reduce the production of harmful fumes generated which are allowed to escape through the silencer. Some vehicle owners term the loud noise from their vehicle as irritating sounds while it appears as strange … Read more

Range AFM Disabler Problems – Explored

range afm disabler problems

Active Fuel Management (AFM) helps reduce fuel consumption in trucks, thereby increasing mileage. However, AFM causes limitations on the cars’ power. Plus, there are times when you may want to switch to a higher cylinder mode for excellent performance. All of these require the use of a Range AFM Disabler. However, despite the numerous benefits … Read more

Will new Shocks make my Truck Ride Smoother?

Will New Shocks Make My Truck Ride Smoother?

A smooth ride is the dream of every truck owner, regardless of where you take your vehicle. However, if you are an off-road driver, achieving this is almost next to impossible due to weather and road harshness. Riding off-road gives you a unique experience, but it’s tough to enjoy a smooth ride in such terrain. … Read more

How Do Car Washes Recycle Water 2022

how do car washes recycle water

Many environmental wastewater management campaigns are aimed at water recycling. It’s a good cause that safeguards the planet. Besides, many industries and facilities are incorporating water recycling in their operations which is admirable. Modern car wash equipment has responsible water use. why wastewater recycling? It’s a campaign to raise awareness of the vital need to … Read more