Does car wrapping damage the paint?

Protecting your car paint surface helps maintain the car aesthetic. However, few solutions can both protect the paint, decorate and advertise without affecting the factory paint.

One such solution that gives splendid results is a car wrap. As much as this solution has been in the market for years, people still make inquiries about its efficiency.

Can car wrap damage the paint?

No. A car wrap is completely safe to use on your car and you can use it on any type of paint whether matte or glossy finish without any damage. Car wrapping protects the paint saving you needless repainting expenses. A car wrap or vinyl wrap is a type of paint with a matte or gloss finish that protects the car surface and is completely safe.

The car wrap is made using ultra-thin vinyl materials.  Car wrapping is a reliable multi-purpose paint protection solution.

Most businesses use car wrapping to advertise their products and services to local customers. However, so s people use them for decorative or aesthetic enhancements.

What is car wrapping made of?

It’s a question most people ask but also a self-explanatory question. Why? It’s a general understanding that car wraps are vinyl wraps. Therefore, they use polyvinyl chloride materials.

It’s the vinyl that bonds with your car paint surface using a water-based solution-activated special adhesive.

What are the advantages of car wrapping?

Car wrapping and vinyl wrapping are the same things. It involves using a large sheet of vinyl film on your car panels to give it a brand new appearance.

Plus, vinyl wrap transforms your car’s appearance in terms of color making it look stunning without the need to repaint.

Originally vinyl wrapping was meant for protecting the paint but nowadays people use it for various reasons like boosting vehicle aesthetics and advertising.

Protecting the car paint from damage

The vinyl wrap protects the front section and sides of the car panel from scratching by small debris while driving. Car wrapping is an investment that lasts years.

Easy to customize

Over the years car owners have been customizing their vinyl wraps with different textures, colors, and designs to create a unique appearance.  You can create a satin, matte, glossy, semi-gloss, or chrome appearance.

Car wrapping can imitate leather, stainless steel, chrome, or even carbon fiber.  Some companies offer various design finishes that allow your car’s appearance to transition between different colors depending on the angle and direction of the light.

There are varieties of vinyl wraps giving you options that make your head spin. The aesthetics, patterns, colors, and placement options give your car a unique appearance. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Very affordable

Car wrapping is cheaper than repainting your vehicle.

Easy to remove and replace

If you don’t want a particular car wrapping design, texture, or finish, you can remove it and replace it with a suitable choice.  The process is relatively easy and takes a shorter time than repainting or removing the old paint.

Minimal downtime

If you compare car wrapping and painting, realize that painting takes days to finish while car wrapping will take a day. It’s because the painting has numerous preparation work even before priming and then waiting for the coats to dry.

However, car wrapping only requires a design choice and cleaning of the surface before applying. It takes roughly one day to install vinyl wraps. Besides, you enjoy a faster turnaround than if you paint the vehicle.

Paint preservation

Car wrapping doesn’t destroy the paint job underneath it and it simply goes over it leaving it intact.

When you get bored with it or want to sell the car, remove the vinyl wrap to reveal the perfectly new paint job underneath.


When properly maintained the vinyl wrap can last up to 7 years. Therefore, make sure yours is professionally installed to avoid creases, premature lifting of wraps, and bubbles because of dirt. Cleaning should be done by hand washing and avoid automatic wash as it damages the wrapping.

Advertising opportunities

Vinyl wrapping provides a great advertising opportunity for various businesses. It puts the products in public view without damaging the underlying paint job. Besides, you can change advertisements by replacing the car wraps.

You commonly see advertisements for landscaping and pizza delivery trucks, this is how it happens.

How to get a perfect unique car wrapping job

Not everyone will give you high-quality vinyl wrapping. You have to be careful where you take your car for vinyl wrapping.

You should do some research beforehand to know the companies that do high-quality jobs. A competent company will provide high-quality service.

When is it recommended to use car wrapping?

You can apply car wraps on your vehicle surface at any time including plastic trim, carbon fiber, clear coats, or fiberglass.  You can customize the color, texture, finish, and creativity.

Auto experts suggest using vinyl wraps under these situations or applications.

To cover your car paint

Some car owners use vinyl wraps to hide paint damage and to change the color of their vehicle. However, the vinyl’s adhesion determines how smooth the base surface will be so be careful.

To improve the visual appeal

Car owners use vinyl wraps to customize their vehicle appearance. You can add graphics, and change color, patterns, and branding among other enhancements.

Most importantly, you can apply several layers of designs on the car to give you everything on a single sheet of vinyl.

To advertise

Both small and large businesses use car wrapping to advertise and promote their brands.  Vinyl to provide a good opportunity for advertising on highways, city roads, parking lots, etc.

Moreover, you can customize vinyl wraps to fit any vehicle size and die-cut to match the business brand and products or services. It’s an affordable advertising platform that most businesses are resorting to for logo placement.

For motorsports

Rally racers use car wrapping because it’s an affordable way to create a custom appearance. The custom wrapping job replicates a $30,000 car paint job.

Besides, your motorsport sponsor will be proud of the quality in which the logo is proudly displayed.

Most importantly, the vinyl wrapping is aimed at protecting the exterior of the race car, especially the off-road race cars.

Should I fix the car paint before car wrapping?

Yes, do that because car wrapping doesn’t cover up damaged paint but it protects the car paint. Remember for the vinyl paint to effectively bond with the car surface, that surface must be clean and flat.

Therefore, adequate preparation is necessary to get quality results. Take your car for a decontamination car wash to strip off the wax, surface contaminants, and grease from the car paint.

Also, you can take the car for clay bar treatment to ensure the vinyl bonds well. The treatment removes those small imperfections that are stuck in the clear coat like pollen, industrial fallout, brake dust, etc. Clay bar treatment removes stains from tree sap, bird droppings, and bug splatters among others.

Do paint correction to polish off imperfections, and scratches. However, consult professional installers before making a decision.

How can I make car wrapping last longer?

There are weather elements that can affect the durability of your vinyl wrappings such as exposure to hot weather/climate, excessive rains, and exposure to snow and cold.

The vinyl wraps are water resistant but not waterproof. Also excessive exposure to snow and cold increase tear and wear.

To curb the above risks to your car wrapping ensure the professional installer uses ceramic coating which is specially formulated to bond to porous substrates or materials.

The ceramic coating enables the vinyl to maintain flexibility and bend the surface to ensure the coating doesn’t crack.


A car wrap is a great way of enhancing the look of your car, race car, motorcycle, SUV, or truck without repainting. Most people use a nano-ceramic coating on top of the vinyl wraps to protect the wrapping. It simplifies the cleaning process and provides advanced paint protection.

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