Will A Car Battery Recharge Itself?

will a car battery recharge itself

Car battery problems can affect your travel plans. So, it’s better to understand how it works and charge itself to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. A car battery is regarded as the soul and life of your vehicle. The battery powers everything including the headlights and engine. It’s why you should take battery matters seriously. However, no … Read more

Do Car Batteries Charge While Driving

do car batteries charge while driving

Having a flat car battery can be a frustrating experience. It could cause worry, especially when you’re caught up in an emergency. The good thing is that many vehicles while driving at certain speed levels, charge the car battery effectively and efficiently without using any external electrical equipment. So, if you’ve been asking; “Do Car … Read more

Can Car Battery Die While Driving

can car battery die while driving

The ‘battery warning’ light indicates only when the car battery is flat, even if you’re driving. At this point, you’ll want to ask, “Can your car battery die while driving?”  It isn’t out of place for a vehicle’s battery to die while driving. If your car engine is still running, and the battery blinks as … Read more

How Do I Know if my Battery is AGM

how do i know if my battery is agm

A lot of vehicle users do not know how to choose the right battery type for their vehicles, well because a vehicle’s battery is not something we change very often. Vehicle batteries come in various types and unless you know distinctive things about them, you might go wrong choosing one for yourself. Car batteries can … Read more

Duralast Gold vs Platinum Battery: Which is Better?

duralast gold vs platinum

Duralast is a popular choice among vehicle owners but some still find themselves getting confused about the Duralast type of battery they should go for. The Duralast is produced in different models but we will be comparing the two most popular brands, the Duralast battery – Duralast gold and Duralast platinum. Are they not supposed … Read more