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How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild A Carburetor?

The cost to rebuild the carburetor can be anywhere between $200 to $1000. The rebuilding cost of single-barrel carburetors is around $250 to $450. Here, the component cost is around $200 to $400. And the 2 and 4-barrel carburetor rebuilding will cost around $600 and $700.

The component cost for these two types of carburetors is about $220 to $450 and $240 to $500 respectively. The labor cost for rebuilding all these carburetors is $70/hr.

This is only the basic idea about the rebuilding cost. Much more details are still left on how much does it cost to rebuild a carburetor. So keep scrolling!

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild A Carburetor: 1 Barrel Vs. 2 Barrel Vs. 4 Barrel

The cost of rebuilding a carburetor is not fixed. Rather it depends on various factors. I have collected the probable costs to rebuild the carburetor in the following table. Check it out!!

Carburetor TypeComponent CostRequired TimeLabor Cost
Single Barrel$200 to $40030/45 Minutes$70/hr
2 Barrel$220 to $450About 1 Hour$70/hr
4 Barrel$240 to $500 About 3 Hours or More $70/hr

This table should provide you with a basic idea of the carburetor rebuilding cost. I will discuss these costs elaborately in the next section.

Details on Carburetor Rebuilding Costs

There are mainly three types of carburetors used in different vehicles. Here is a cost analysis of these carburetors.

Rebuilding Cost of Single Barrel Carburetor

The single-barrel carburetor consists of only one barrel. It is the simplest type of carburetor. Disassembling and reassembling the single-barrel carburetor is quite easy for this reason.

Because of its simple design, the cost of single-barrel carburetors’ components is also less.

The price is generally between $200 to $400. Besides this, there is also the labor cost of rebuilding the carburetor. 

The cost of labor to rebuild the carburetor is around $70 per hour. The task usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes. So the labor cost will be about $35 to $50.

However, sometimes complex situations might increase the required time. Then the labor cost will increase simultaneously.

Rebuilding Cost of 2-Barrel Carburetor

The 2-barrel carburetor comes next. As the name implies, this carburetor comes in 2 barrels. This makes the design and structure of the 2 barrel carburetor more complex than the single-barrel carburetor.

So the component cost and labor cost of rebuilding the 2-barrel carburetor is also more.

Usually, the 2-barrel carburetor components cost will be between $220 to $450. Anyway, this price can go very high for some exceptional carburetors. And the labor rate is $70 per hour.

But the time needed for rebuilding this one can be more than one hour. However, sometimes the work might be completed within a short time, and sometimes excessive time is needed.

Rebuilding Cost of 4-Barrel Carburetor

The last type of carburetor that you might want to rebuild is the 4-barrel carburetor. This carburetor is the most complex of all. Thus rebuilding it is the costliest process.

Huge time might be needed to rebuild the 4-barrel carburetor because of its complexity. 

The 4-barrel carburetors’ component cost is usually around $240 to $500. But in exceptional cases, you might have to pay more than $500 and it can go as high as $800 or more. And the rebuilding process can be more than 3 hours sometimes.

As the labor rate is $70 per hour, the total labor cost will increase simultaneously with the rebuilding time. So the overall cost of rebuilding the 4-barrel carburetor can be pretty expensive.

These are the general rebuilding costs of different types of carburetors based on the barrel number. Next, I will present the cost of rebuilding some specific types of carburetors. So keep reading!

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a Motorcycle?

The cost to rebuild a carburetor on a motorcycle is around $200 to $500. This cost includes both the carburetor rebuilding opponents and labor costs. The parts are between $10 to $60. You can rebuild the carburetor for $200 with cheap parts.

However, rebuilding the carburetor by yourself will save labor costs.

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a Boat?

The cost to rebuild a carburetor on A boat is about $500. The price of the carburetor kit is around $50. Anyway, in some cases, this price can increase and go as high as $80 to $100. And the labor cost of rebuilding the carburetor is about $400. But it is dependent on the time required for rebuilding.

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a car?

The cost to rebuild a carburetor on a car is about $100 to $400. This pricing depends on the type of carburetor you are rebuilding. Single-barrel carburetors can be rebuilt for around $100.

Whereas 4-barrel carburetor rebuilding is costlier and the price can be about $400 to $500. Sometimes this budget can exceed due to the need for other components.

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a Lawn Mower?

It costs around $400 to rebuild a carburetor on a lawn mower. The price of the component required for the rebuild process is between $20 to $200. The rest of the money is needed for labor purposes. This cost is $70 per hour. You can cut the labor cost by rebuilding the carburetor yourself.

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a Snowblower?

It costs around $200 to $250 to rebuild a carburetor on a snowblower. The components can be bought between $25 to $70. And the labor cost is $80 per hour as the work is difficult. The time required for this task is about 1 to 2 hours.

How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor on a Quadrajet?

The cost to rebuild a carburetor on a Quadrajet is about $70 if you do it by yourself. The components will cost about $35. And the rest of the budget is to get a handbook explaining the process. If you take help from a mechanic, the price will go up. The labor cost for this work is about $70 per hour.


Is it hard to rebuild a carburetor?

It is not very hard to rebuild a carburetor. The work is usually completed by a single person within 1 to 2 hours. But sometimes the process can be long and take more than 3 hours. However, the process involves lots of assembling and disassembling. This can be difficult for many. Especially inexperienced people will find it hard to rebuild the carburetor.

How does a carburetor get damaged?

The carburetor gets damaged due to the accumulation of dirt in it. This dirt clogs the power valve inside the carburetor. This hampers the fuel and air supply. As a result, the engine will misfire. Moreover, too much or too little fuel in the carburetor can damage it too.

Final thoughts

I hope that I have answered your query about how much does it cost to rebuild a carburetor. Now you can adjust your budget according to the requirements and rebuild your carburetor.

Make sure to supply the correct air-fuel mixture in the carburetor of your vehicle. Because both lean and rich conditions are harmful to the carburetor.

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