How Much is a Gooseneck Hitch: 4 Types of Goosenecks

The gooseneck hitch can cost between $300 to $1200 or more. Above the Truck bed gooseneck hitch will cost about $300 to $500. The above bed gooseneck hitch will cost around $800. The below bed gooseneck hitch may cost you around $600 to $1200.

Lastly, the fold-down gooseneck hitch costs between $450 and $550. In addition, the labor cost to install different types of gooseneck hitch can cost you between $300 and $800.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more information is still left on how much is a gooseneck hitch. So keep reading!

How Much is a Gooseneck Hitch?

The cost of a gooseneck hitch is not fixed. It depends on the type of hitch. Look at the following table to know the price of a gooseneck hitch based on types.

LocationComponents CostLabor CostTowing CapacityComment
Above The Truck Bed$300 to $500$400 to $500Around30,000 PoundsLeast Cost But Not Traditional
Above Bed Gooseneck Around $800$300 to $500Around 25,000 Pounds Medium Cost with Moderate Space
Below Bed Gooseneck$600 to $1200$400 to $800Around30,000 PoundsMost Expensive
Fold-Down Gooseneck$450 to $550$400 to $500Around 25,000 PoundsSaves Space

You can see the complete cost of getting a gooseneck hitch from the above table. However, the cost breakdown can not be understood from the table. Keep scrolling to know about that!

Detailed Discussion on Gooseneck Hitch Cost

There are 4 types of gooseneck hitch that you can get for your vehicle. The component and labor costs for all these hitches are different. Now let’s see the details about the cost and aspects of different gooseneck hitches. 

Above The Truck Bed

This is the least expensive gooseneck hitch that you can get for your truck. This gooseneck hitch can be installed without modifying your truck. So you would not need extra components for this hitch. As a result, the overall cost of the installation process is quite low.

This type of gooseneck hitch can tow 30,000 pounds. So there is no issue with the towing capacity. However, the main issue with this hitch is the occupied space. The above-the-truck bed gooseneck hitch takes up a lot of space. 

For this reason, people do not want to install this hitch. The component cost of the above truck bed hitch is about $300 to $500. And the labor cost will be between $400 to $500. So the overall cost will be between $700 to $1000.

Above Bed Gooseneck 

Now let’s check out the above bed gooseneck. This option is slightly costlier than the previous one. However, the space occupied by this hitch is also less. So the truck owner gets more available space to use.

This is also the easiest gooseneck hitch you can get. The rail of the truck, where the fifth wheel is attached, is used for this hitch. So your truck most probably has the rails needed to install the above bed hitch. This hitch can be easily taken on and off based on your need. The above bed gooseneck hitch can tow about 25,000 pounds safely.

The component cost of the Above Bed Gooseneck hitch is around $800. And the installation process will cost about $300 to $500. So the overall budget for installing this hitch will be around $1100 to $1300.

Below Bed Gooseneck

This is the most popular gooseneck hitch. But this is also the costliest gooseneck hitch you can get. The reason behind its high price is the need for extra components. Extra rails are to be attached to the back of the truck for this hitch.

Then the hitch is installed on this rail. The installation process is complex. As a result, the labor cost is also high. It is not possible to install the hitch by yourself. So you can not save bucks here by self installation. 

Anyway, there are some extra benefits of this hitch. Several brands of below-bed gooseneck hitch offer mobility. This can be very useful in saving space when the hitch is not in use. Moreover, this hitch can carry about 30,000 pounds without any issue.

The components cost of this hitch is between $600 to $1200. The cost depends on the brand and quality of the hitch you are getting. And you will have to spend about $800 or more for its installation. 

So the complete cost of installing the below bed gooseneck can go as high as $2000. This cost can be higher if you choose an expensive brand and experienced mechanic for the job.

Fold-Down Gooseneck 

The last type of gooseneck hitch is the fold-down gooseneck. Here, rails are installed under the bed of the pickup. The hitch ball in this gooseneck is foldable. So the entire truck bed can be used when the hitch is not in use.

The components of this hitch are not usually sold in a package. You have to get custom rails. So the price will vary. It can be between $450 to $550. And, the labor cost will be between $400 to $600. This hitch will allow you to carry about 25,000 pounds safely.

These are the cost of all the gooseneck hitches you can install on your truck. Choose one carefully according to your need and budget.


Which is better Gooseneck or Bumper Pull?

The bumper pull is smaller and easier to use. It can be turned off without any issues. But it offers less space. Whereas, goosenecks offer much more space and stability. Anyway, you will need a mechanic to install the gooseneck hitch. So the primary cost is more in the case of goosenecks than the bumper pulls.

Why is it called a gooseneck hitch?

It is called a gooseneck hitch because it resembles the real gooseneck. The hitch is installed on the truck bed. The other end of the hitch is connected to the trailer. This hitch looks like the neck of a goose during its operation.

Final words

Now you know how much is a gooseneck hitch. I hope that you have understood all the aspects of the gooseneck hitch cost from my discussion.

Decide on your priorities and budget before getting the hitch. Also, don’t try to cut the labor cost. Because inexperienced mechanics might fail to install the hitch correctly.

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