how to view dash cam footage

How to view Dash Cam Footage: A Quick Guide 2023

You may usually see that the police use dash cam or dashboard cameras in their cars. But, in the past few years, the popularity of dash cam has been rising among drivers.

Most drivers install dash cams to capture the road and other vehicles surrounding their vehicles.

Also, this equipment is helpful to provide details if you’re involved in an accident. You can go through the video footage to confirm who was at fault in an accident.

So, it’s better to know how to view dash cam footage when necessary. You’ll find several types of dashcams to choose from. So, viewing dashcam footage depends on the types of dashcams you use.

This article will give you the idea of several options available to view your dashcam footage for various devices, so you can use it at a later time when you need it.

What do you need to view Dashcam Footage?

You can access and view your dashcam footage on display, smartphone, or your computer (laptop and PC). Before doing so, you’ll need some materials to view the footage from the dashcam.

  • Dashcam devices
  • Smartphone
  • Dashcam with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Dashcam with manufacturer mobile app
  • Computer (laptop or PC)
  • Micro SD memory card
  • SD adapter/reader if dashcam has a micro SD card
  • USB Type-C cable if dashcam uses an internal storage
  • Card reader, there’s no built-in memory card on the computer
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How to view Footage from the Dash Cam on a Smartphone

We personally recommend viewing dashcam footage using a smartphone if your dashcam has a Wi-Fi connection and app. You don’t have to get your computer out only to see a few minutes of footage. Besides, the process is easy and takes a few minutes.

Here’s the step-by-step viewing of the footage on your smartphone

  • Make sure your dash camera support built-in Wi-Fi
  • Install/download the app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Connect dash cam’s Wi-Fi to your  smartphone
  • Open the app and view the videos on your smartphone
  • Not only view, but you can also download and save the videos to your smartphone.

How to view Dash Cam Footage Video on a Computer

Viewing footage from your dashcam on both laptop or PC is probably the easiest way to do it. You don’t need to have a Wi-Fi connection and app or built-in display. Some dash cams may have internal storage, while others use a memory card.

 You can do the following steps to access and view the footage if it has a memory card:

  • Remove the micro SD card from the dashcam
  • Insert the micro SD card into the card reader/adapter
  • Open the folder to access the videos from your dashcam
  • View the footage, copy, and save the videos to your computer to free up space on the memory card

If your dash cam uses internal storage, here’s the way to view the footage

  • Disconnect the dashcam from your car
  • Use a USB cable (usually included) to connect the dashcam to your computer
  • Open and access the internal storage
  • View and copy/transfer the footage/video files to your computer

How to view Footage from Dash Cam Display

Viewing the videos from your dashcam display may not be very popular to do. But, you can actually access the footage using your dashcam. It’s very simple, and you don’t need any other supporting material.

Just press the button on the camera, go to the playback menu, and choose the videos you want to view.

When you buy a car and also you will buy a dash cam for your own car. You will get a complete guide for that.


If you consider using a dash cam on your vehicle, you may also want to know how to view dashcam footage. There are several methods to do regardless of whether you want to view from the camera’s display, use a smartphone, or use a computer (laptop and PC).

We hope the above methods may help you figure out the best and the most convenient way to view your dashcam footage.

You’ll get a high-quality dash camera for less than $100, which could prove helpful to you.

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