Shock Masters Struts Review: Everything You Need to Know

There are many superior shocks and struts manufactured by Shock Masters. Bilstein products are some of them. They are made with ultimate engineering and premium materials. These Bilstein shocks can be used as OEM replacements too. Also, they are long-lasting and reasonably priced. 

This is only the main idea about the Shock Masters Struts. Keep scrolling to know all the details about them!

Shock Masters Struts Review: Product Comparison

Model NamePriceMounting Hardware IncludedLocationCompatible Vehicle
Bilstein B16 (PSS10) 48-138864 for Audi TT TT Quattro$2,758.21YesComplete SetAudi TT TT Quattro
Bilstein B4 OE for Mercedes-Benz E320 E500 RWD$315.74NoRearMercedes-Benz E320 E500 RWD
Bilstein B4 OE for BMW 525i 528i 540i RWD$127.78NoRearCarBMW 525i 528i 540i RWD

Bilstein B16 (PSS10) 48-138864 for Audi TT TT Quattro

Product Overview 

The first kit I am going to review is the Bilstein B16 (PSS10) 48-138864 for Audi TT or TT Quattro. These Bilstein struts are manufactured for the Audi Quattro car. This is a complete suspension kit that comes with four struts and other necessary parts.

The components are designed with enough sophistication to ensure quality service. Installing these struts is also very easy as there are no problems with the fittings. Anyone with some automotive understanding can install the struts.

The components of this package are made in Germany. The shipment of Bilstein B16 is also free if you are ordering it in the USA. This transmission kit works fine in handling and controlling the car. However, the cost of this product is relatively high.

You will have to spend about $2,750 to get the complete package. But the price is valid because of the performance of the kit.


  • Complete package.
  • Simple installation process. 
  • Long Lasting performance. 


  • High price. 

Bilstein B4 OE for Mercedes-Benz E320 E500 RWD

Product Overview 

Next I have the Bilstein B4 OE for Mercedes-Benz E320 E500 RWD. This is a suspension shock for Mercedes-Benz cars. The quality of this product is very high compared to the others available in the market. It is graded as an OEM replacement. 

The package consists of a single suspension shock for your vehicle. This is not a set, so the mounting tools are also unavailable. The shock is designed for use in the rear part of the car. Premium materials have been used in manufacturing this product. 

The price of the Bilstein B4 shock absorber is moderate. You will get the absorber for $315. Considering the specs and performance, the pricing is alright. Overall, it is a very good deal for the customers. 


  • OEM Grade Product.
  • Perfect fitting. 
  • Long lifetime. 


  • No extra equipment is provided. 

Bilstein B4 OE for BMW 525i 528i 540i RWD

Product Overview 

Let’s move on to the last product of today’s list. Now I have the Bilstein B4 OE for BMW 525i 528i 540i RWD. This is a popular shock absorber for different BMW models including the 525i, 528i, and 540i. Just like BMW, this shock absorber is also very premium. 

This is a direct OEM replacement product. This means that the shock absorber is made following the ideal dimensions. It comes with great fitting and performance. The installation procedures are also very simple for this reason.

The cost of the Bilstein B4 for BMW is very less. You will get the at the rate of only $128. This is a very good price for customers with a tight budget. And the performance of the absorbers at this price is praiseworthy. 


  • Very low price.
  • OEM Replacement is possible. 
  • No problems with fitting and dimensions. 


  • No extra equipment is provided.


Who makes Strutmasters?

Strutmasters are made by themselves in their own manufacturing units. This suspension manufacturing company was established in 1999. Chip Lofton was the main man behind this establishment. Strutmasters has been a popular name in the car components market since then.

Do new struts improve ride?

Yes, new struts improve the ride. Struts lose their working capability with age. On the other hand, new struts can absorb more shocks and smoothen the ride. Also, the new struts produce less sound and improve the handling of the car. Overall, they can change the complete riding experience.

Final thoughts

This is all I have on the Shock Masters Struts review. I hope that now you can choose the best shock. for your vehicle.

Be careful while choosing struts. Always try to get the OE components for your car. Because these components will give a similar performance to the original parts.

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