Shocks And Struts Replacement Cost – Detailed Guide!

The cost of replacing shocks and struts averages between $250 and $580 for a pair of shocks and $300 to $600 for a pair of struts.

If you decide to replace them yourself, the cost can be reduced by about $150 to $300.

These costs may vary on the number of replacements needed and the procedure.

But, that’s not all about shocks and struts replacement cost. Keep on reading this article for a more detailed discussion.

Shocks And Struts Replacement – Cost Analysis!

The replacement cost for shocks and struts depends on how you plan to proceed. It’ll be more if you seek professional help. But, if you replace them on your own, you’ll be able to save labor costs.

Also, what about the number of shocks and struts? Should you replace all four shocks and struts at once?

Yes, all four shocks and struts should be replaced at once. If one is more worn out than the other, you won’t get a consistent response and reliable handling.

Also, it might be that you have struts on your front axle and shocks on your rare axle.

In fact, most modern cars have this setting. Or, it might be the same for all the wheels. Depending on it, the cost will change.  

DIY Shocks & Struts Replacement Cost

If you decide to replace the shocks yourself, you’ll only need to pay for the shocks. So, how much do shocks cost? The average cost of one shock is about $50 to $140.

So, if you have two shocks on your rare axle, the cost will be

2* ($50 to $140)= $100 to $280

And, if you have shocks on both axles, the cost will be:

4* ($50 to $140)= $200 to $560

After that, just set up the shocks yourself. You can watch this video for help:

How to – Replace Shock Absorbers // Supercheap Auto

In the same way, just purchase the struts for a DIY replacement. So, how much do struts cost? The price for an individual strut assembly is about $150-$300.

So, if you have two struts on the front axle, the cost will be:

2*($150 to $300)= $300 to $600

And, if you have struts on both axles, the cost will be:

4*($150 to $300)= $600 to $1200 

Now, remove the previous struts and install new ones. Watch this video for reference:

How to Replace Struts in Your Car or Truck

Remember to purchase the shocks and struts depending on your vehicle model. 

Professional Shocks & Struts Replacement Cost

If you decide to take professional help, contact a mechanic near you. He should be able to replace the shocks for you within a couple of hours.

They’ll charge you about $150-$300 for replacing two shocks. So for four shocks, it’ll be about $300-$600.

So, adding the price of the parts, the total cost for two shocks will be:

$100 to $280 + $150 to $300= $250 to $580

And, the total cost for four shocks will be:

$200 to $560 + $300 to $600= $500 to $1160

The labor costs for replacing struts are about the same as shocks. So, the total cost for replacing two struts will be:

$300 to $600 + $150 to $300= $450 to $900 

And, the total cost for replacing four struts will be:

$600 to $1200 + $300 to $600=  $900 to $1800

This price range might be different for some models. For example, luxury vehicles like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi will have higher-priced parts. You’ll even have to pay more to get them installed.

Model-Specific Shock and Strut Replacement Cost

As we mentioned before, the shock and strut replacement costs might be different for various models. So, we’ve shown the replacement costs for some common car models in this table:

ModelShocks/Struts CostLabor Cost to Replace Shocks/StrutsTotal Cost to Replace Shocks/Struts
Toyota Camry$574-$683$242-$305$816-$988
Honda Civic$702-$779$251-$317$953-$1096
BMW X5$3819-$4044$426-$537$4245-$4581

Here also you can see that luxurious vehicles require higher replacement costs.

When to Replace Shocks And Struts?


You should replace shocks and struts every 50,000-100,000 miles. After this, they’ll most probably be worn out.

You can check so by trying to bounce your vehicle and monitoring how it responds. A vehicle with a worn-out shock and struts won’t bounce back smoothly. 

In some cases, the shocks and struts might be worn out even before 50,000 miles. In that case, you’ll face certain symptoms of worn-out shocks and struts.


What causes struts to fail?

Struts might fail due to damaged rubber bushings. If the internal strut oil is worn out, it’ll harm the struts too. With daily use, the internal components of your struts wear out. They lose their dampening ability and affect performance. As a result, the struts fail to absorb shocks like before.

Is it OK to drive with bad struts?

No, it’s not OK to drive with bad struts. Not only do struts absorb shocks, but they’re also crucial for steering and alignment. Driving with bad struts will feel extremely uncomfortable. It’s also dangerous and can cause serious accidents. So, it’s recommended to get them replaced quickly.

Bottom line!

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about shocks and struts replacement costs.

Still, here’s one last tip. Although leaky shock absorbers can be repaired, just replace them. Or else, the unequal damping pressure will cause poor handling. Thanks for reading the whole article.

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