Strut Brands to Avoid: Top 5 Worst Struts 

You should avoid strut brands like OEM Sachs, BAVAUTO, and ACDelco. They are very weak and last for a short time. Then there are also the MOOG and Cciyu struts that should be avoided. These struts have all the symptoms of bad struts. They will l get damaged within a short time.

You must be wondering why these struts are avoidable. Well, keep reading to get rid of all of your doubts about strut brands to avoid.

What are Some Strut Brands to Avoid?

There are many bad struts available in the market. So you have to be careful while choosing one. Here is a list of brands that you should avoid for your safety.

Name of BrandReasons to Avoid
OEM SachsLess Durability for Price
BAVAUTO Replacement PartsLow Standard
ACDelcoNo Longevity
MOOG StrutsDifficult to Mount & Stiffer Riding
Sensen Shocks & StrutsGet Damaged in A Short Time
Cciyu StrutsProduce Excess Noise

There are obvious reasons behind avoiding these struts. I will explain these reasons in the next section of my discussion.

Details on Strut Brands to Avoid

Bad strut brands do not offer the most useful and reliable struts to their customers. As a result, various problems are often noticed in them. Let’s see some quick strut reviews to identify the bad brands.

OEM Sachs

The first brand that you should avoid while buying the struts is OEM Sachs. The main problem with the OEM Sachs struts is less durability. The price of these struts is in the medium to high range. But the longevity offered by these struts is not sufficient.

OEM Sachs sells struts for BMW and other popular car brands.

However, these struts only go for about half a year. Then they get damaged and need a change. This is a big issue for struts since struts normally last for eight years on average.

BAVAUTO Replacement Parts

Next, I have the BAVAUTO Replacement Parts struts that you should avoid. This is a Romania-based company that produces different car replacement parts.

Despite being from a foreign country, the struts manufactured by them are not up to the mark.

The main problem with the BAVAUTO struts is their low standard. The BAVAUTO struts are very low in quality. They use materials below the standard level to save manufacturing costs. 

This keeps the selling price low, but the longevity, efficiency, and performance are affected badly. So buying these struts is not a good idea. 


The third strut on my list to avoid is the ACDelco strut. It is one of the cheapest struts available in the market. And they are quite famous for this. However, their quality and durability are a good match with the price. Let me explain how.

These struts do not last for even 1000 miles. Whereas, struts should last for about 50,000 to 100,000 miles. So choosing these struts is a no-go.

MOOG Struts

The above struts had issues like longevity and built quality. But the MOOG struts come with different types of issues. The main problem with these struts is the difficulty to mount them. And mounting the struts properly is very important for their performance.

The MOOG Struts also have problems in the dimension of their struts. The struts often do not match the ideal struts’ dimensions. As a result, you will find them unfit for your vehicle after buying them. Then you will have to go for another option.

Sensen Shocks & Struts

The second last bad strut I have is the Sensen Shocks & Struts. Just like most other bad struts, Sensen struts also have problems with durability and longevity. The struts are made from low-quality materials with inefficient design. 

These factors make the strut vulnerable to shocks and bumps. Thus, the Sensen struts break within 1,000 miles only. You will find negative reviews on the Sensen struts on different online platforms. So you should avoid them for the best interest of your car.

Cciyu Struts

Now it’s time to review the last bad strut on my list. I am going to discuss the Cciyu Struts now. These struts come at a low price but with low quality. Moreover, they produce excess noise during driving. The overall experience of using the Cciyu struts is very negative. 

These are the bad strut brands available in the market. Next, I will show the ways to find out if a strut is bad or not. 

Signs of a Bad Strut

There are some typical signs of every bad strut. Here is a quick guideline on identifying the bad struts.

Thicker Springs

You might think that thick springs in the struts are a good sign. But it is the opposite. Too thick springs are a barrier to the operation of the struts. They make the car more uncomfortable and affect the riding experience. 

Low-Quality Bearings

The bad struts come with cheap and low-quality components. The bearing of the cheap struts is also of low quality because of this. They produce more noise and do not last long.

Bad Struts Mounts

The quality of the strut mounts must be high for performance. Bad strut mounts generate more noise. They can also indirectly affect the transmission system and engine functionalities due to excessive vibration. As a result, the performance of the car is compromised. 

Check for these qualities before buying the struts. Then you can easily choose the best one from the market.


Are Monroe struts better than KYB?

Both Monroe and KYB struts are high-quality struts. Anyway, KYB performs better than Monroe in some situations and conditions. The price of the KYB struts is also less than Monroe. This has made KYB very popular among users.

Which country makes KYB shocks?

KYB is a Japan-based manufacturer of aftermarket shocks and struts. However, not all of their products are produced in Japan. They have 15 manufacturing plants in Asia, Europe, and the USA. So their shocks are made all over the world and also sold everywhere.

Last words

I hope that now you are clear on which strut brands to avoid. Take help from a trusted professional if you are still confused.

Check the specifications of the struts properly before buying them. Also, make sure that the brand offers a long-term warranty for the future.

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