Car Jerks When Accelerating Uphill: Reasons and Solutions

car jerks when accelerating uphill

Cars are designed to run smoothly from the point of completion of the manufacturing process until they reach their lifespan. However, it takes a lot of commitment to a regular maintenance culture to achieve this result. One of the most frustrating experiences for car owners is issues that hinder the engine’s proper functioning. If your … Read more

6 Reasons Your Car Squeaks When Braking

car squeaks when braking

Does your car squeal or squeak when you depress the brake pedal? The common thing that comes to the mind of motorists is worn brake pads. While this is a potential cause, there are several reasons a car squeaks when braking. This high-pitched annoying and embarrassing squeaking noise shows underlying issues in the brake system … Read more

Car has NO Power when Accelerating

car has no power when accelerating

If you find it difficult to accelerate your car, you may be out of power. There are many reasons why there may be power loss when accelerating. It’s left for you to solve the hitch and continue enjoying your driving experience. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the different causes of power loss when accelerating, … Read more

Car Squeaks When Backing Up

car squeaks when backing up

There are car squeaks that could cause the whole neighborhood to look in awe. Have you been wondering why your car keeps squeaking whenever you’re backing up? Most times, it could be because of a worn-out brake pad rubbing against the rotor, thereby causing a squeaking noise. In this case, you’ll need to replace the … Read more

Car RPM Fluctuates while idle

car rpm fluctuates while idle

If you’re a car owner, the chances are that you may have noticed your car RPM fluctuating. However, if the RPMs fluctuate and make your car go up and down when you press the gas pedal, it’s advisable to address the problem right away. The car RPM fluctuation is most likely due to one of … Read more

Why Would My Car Be Overheating

why would my car be overheating

Vehicle problems are inevitable. From one point or the other, you’ll experience suspension components failures, electrical problems, engine failure, transmission issues, and engine overheating issues. Engine overheating is one of the most serious problems that pose catastrophic harm to your vehicle. If the engine temperature gets too hot, it may warp or crack the engine … Read more