Unity Struts Review: Best 3 Struts

Unity struts are quite popular for their excellent service. They manufacture high-quality struts with the necessary design and engineering. The struts last for a long time too.

Moreover, the installation procedure is easy, quick, and simple. So getting Unity struts is highly beneficial for the car.

This is only the starting. You will need more in-depth knowledge on this matter before getting your struts. So keep scrolling!

Unity Struts Review: Product Comparison

Model NameGas ChargedLocationVehicle Service Type
Unity Automotive 4-11020-15061-001 Strut Assembly KitNoFront & Rear2000-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1998-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue
UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11060-257020-001 Kit for Audi A3YesFront & RearAudi A3
UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11730-257090-001 for Mercedes-Benz C230YesFront & RearCarMercedes-Benz C230

Unity Automotive 4-11020-15061-001 Strut Assembly Kit

Product Overview 

The first Unity strut that I have is the Unity Automotive 4-11020-15061-001 Strut Assembly Kit. It is a collection of four struts for the rear and front panels of the car. This package is very useful in replacing all four struts of your car. 

Let’s check out some other aspects of this strut. The 4-11020-15061-001 Strut Assembly Kit comes pre-assembled. The kit consists of a bumper, bearing plate, top mount, coil springs, and insulator. So the installation process of the kit is very easy.

The struts can be installed within an hour. Whereas, installing struts generally takes about 4 hours. So the process is hassle-free and simple. Moreover, no extra tools are needed for this task. This is due to the perfect engineering of the struts. 

The struts are made of superior-quality materials to make the experience very smooth. They help the vehicle to regain the factory ride height and provide the original experience. However, this kit is not useful for 17 and 18-inch wheels.

The price of the complete 4-struts package is around $315. So the price is very reasonable. Buying these struts is a good deal for the customers.


  • Easy installation. 
  • Quick installation time.
  • Perfect fit. 


  • Sometimes squeaky sounds are produced. 

UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11060-257020-001 Kit for Audi A3

Product Overview 

Next I have the UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11060-257020-001 Kit for Audi A3. Just like the other Unity struts, this strut kit is also manufactured with excellent engineering. This strut kit is designed for the Audi A3. It helps to restore the factory ride height of the car.

This strut kit is OE graded and built according to the authentic design. So they are perfect for replacing the damaged original struts of your car. The installation process of the struts is also very quick and simple. 

No extra components are required for installing the struts. The kit contains all the necessary equipment for the task. So you will be able to save some bucks in this section. 

The price of the struts is also within reach. You can buy the complete package for around $240. This will be a winning deal for you.


  • Pre-assembled struts.
  • Easy and hassle-free installation. 
  • Moderate price.


  • The packaging could be better. 

UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11730-257090-001 for Mercedes-Benz C230

Product Overview 

Now let’s move on to the last strut of the day. I will discuss the UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 4-11730-257090-001 for Mercedes-Benz C230 in this part. This strut is specially prepared for the Mercedes-Benz. 

The exterior of the struts is painted for protection. The struts can be installed on any side of the car. That means the package contains struts for both the front driver and passenger sides and the rear driver and passenger sides. So it is a complete package.

The quality of these struts meets the OE standards. So they can be used to replace the original struts of your car. The struts will ensure ride height equal to the factory settings. 

The only drawback about these struts is the price. The UNITY 4-11730-257090-001 strut comes at a cost of around $445.


  • Meets the OE standards. 
  • Sophisticated design. 
  • Hassle-free installation. 


  • The price is too high. 


Are Unity struts made in China?

Yes, Unity struts are made in China. Unity produces different types of replacement vehicle components. They are quite popular and have an experience of over 50 years. Though the Unity struts are made in China, they are sold all over the world including the USA.

Who makes the best struts and shocks?

Several manufacturers produce high-quality struts and shocks. KYB shocks can be granted as one of the most popular manufacturers of struts and shocks. They make premium products that last for a long time. Besides them, Monroe, Moog, Motorcraft, etc. brands are also worth mentioning.

Final thoughts

This is all regarding your query on the Unity struts review. I hope that I have cleared all your doubts on this matter.

Be careful about the struts’ dimensions while selecting one. Or else, it won’t fit in your vehicle.

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