What are Struts on a Car

what are struts on a car

Struts are essential components of your vehicle’s suspension system. They are the main force absorbers that are responsible for providing a smooth and comfortable ride. This part is designed to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb the impact of driving over bumps and potholes; providing a cushion between the car’s body and the … Read more

How to Install a Performance Chip

installing a performance chip

A Performance computer chip is a vehicular attachment that is particularly designed to improve a wide range of a car’s systems. In this article, we are going to discuss and learn about how to install a performance chip. What is a Performance Chip? The performance chip is a computerized chip. It tells the main computer … Read more

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Safe?

are quick release steering wheels safe

Quick release steering wheels are the particular system that can use in the adapter of the billet hub with tapped holes for the OEM steering wheels. It uses the non-standard fine bolt pattern. The hub adapter is equipped with an upper recess that offers space for the OEM center cap steering wheel and the lower … Read more

Car on ZERO Percent Finance

car on zero percent finance

Most auto dealers provide interest-free loans to attract new and returning customers and sell more cars. Obviously, zero percent finance is a good deal, even though it may seem too good to be true. However, you’ll need to trade with caution even if you’re offered a zero-percent financing deal. Sometimes, it’s advisable to get a … Read more

How to Remove Clear Coat from Headlights

remove clear coat from headlights

Headlights are the only hope in the dark, fog, storms, and other such situations. We all know that. That’s why many of us try to protect headlights at all costs. Clear coating is one of the most common protection types that is used for protecting headlights from heat, sunlight, UV light, dust, and more. However, … Read more

Why are Toyota Tacomas So Expensive

why are toyota tacomas so expensive

Toyota Tacomas are among the most commonly used trucks in the world. Even though they’re quite expensive, they’re cheap to maintain, reliable, and have good value. These qualities make them highly demanded and rare. If you’ve been asking, “why are Toyota Tacomas so expensive?” We’ve compiled a list of all the possible reasons they cost … Read more