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Discover the 5 Best Tire Paint Pens: Rev Up Your Ride 2023

Last updated on January 28th, 2024

The most visible exterior part of a car after the body is the tire. There are different types of tire manufacturers, we sure expect that there are different types of tires too.

The manufacturers of these tires seem to have the same thing in common, and that is producing tires to come in the black color.

Almost all vehicle tires come in the universal black color. It is a boring and too common color to an average car owner and customizing a car tire is the new deal.

If you have ever tried to give your car tire a new customized look, you would have found out how costly it is.

We have some good news here, the introduction of paint pens for tires has made vehicle tire customization a cost-effective process.

Doing tire customization with a tire paint pen is an easy and budget-friendly one and lasts especially when you invest in one of the best tire pens.

Have you ever taken your time to check out race cars? The most exciting aspect of these cars is in how colorful and unique their tire painting or lettering looks.

The paint markers are very easy to use, you need no lessons on how to use them and that is why when they are used as paint for tire letters, they come out beautiful and colorful. 

I guess you know that there are thousands of painting pen brands in the market, and getting a good and premium paint pen out of the regular ones that are not so effective may be a confusing and hard task.

So in this article, you will have the chance to read about the top tire paint markers in the market.

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We will discuss in-depth their features and give you all of the reviews that you need to make a good choice.

1. ARTIQO Paint Pen for Tires

ARTIQO Paint pens for rock painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on almost all surfaces...

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Artiqo paint pen is one of the premium paint pens that allows you to beautifully customize your car’s tires in your preferred way.

Artiqo comes in 15 pack paint pens. It is a pack of different color paint pens that allows you to make attractive tire paintings. 

One significant advantage of using the Artiqo paint pen for tire customization is that it is usable on different surfaces and tires.

For example, the paint pen can be used on a wooden surface, a canvas surface, a plastic surface, a metal surface, a glass surface and even on paper and as much as many other surfaces you will like to try them on. 

They are perfect to be used for your various DIY projects. 

Artiqo paint pen is an oil-based paint pen and so is suitable for almost all manner of tire conditions and long-lasting.

Its oil-based formula is the reason it is water-resistant and has strong weather resistance, these further ensure its long-lasting performance. 

Some of the regular paint pens will leave you to be scared of using tire shine or tire cleaner on your tire because you don’t want to wash away the painted colors and letters on the tire.

But a premium paint owns like Artiqo paint pen will give you all of the confidence you need to use a tire cleaner or a tire shine on your tires.

Here is an added advantage, Artiqo paint pen comes in a pack and contains a free ebook that will help you to get a few more painting ideas.

It is easy to use and a great choice for its users. Below are the highlighted key features;

Key Features

  • Versatile for usage over different surfaces
  • 15 different colours in a pack
  • Not toxic and free of harmful compounds
  • It has a strong resistant oil-based paint
  • Assures permanent bonding

2. ARTISTO Black Paint Pen

ARTISTRO Black Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Tire, Fabric, Metal,...

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Artisto black paint pen has earned from the users good positive reviews in very high numbers for its solid performance.

It is a non-toxic and odorless water-based pen. It will be the best pick to be used for DIY projects and acrylic paints that need you to give a black lettering painting.

It has a wide range of use and for the best paint result in tire painting, rock painting, ceramic, glass, wood and so many other surfaces you might like to try it on.

It is sold at a reasonable price so it is quite budget-friendly. It does not also require you to be an expert in painting, it is very easy to use even as a beginner.

It registers as one of the best tire paint for a detailing kind of work. It almost immediately dries up after application on the tire. It is last-longing too, more like a permanent paint marker pen.

Unlike other regular paint pens, a premium paint pen like an Artisto paint pen doesn’t clog up when used. Below are the highlighted key features of the Artisto black paint pen.

Key Features

  • The black letters come out with details and wonderfully 
  • It fits all types of tires, even outdoor tire markings.
  • It is useable on multiple surfaces
  • Artisto is odourless and non-toxic

3. AUTO Writer Car Paint Marker Pens

Window Markers for Glass Washable Car Window Paint Pen- Dry Erase Liquid Chalk Marker Car...

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If you do not want a permanent painting on your tire then an auto writer is a go-to painting pen. Auto writer car paint marker pen is one of the premium tire markers that can be used for a few days before it fades off. 

The auto writer even has an added advantage, the car paint pen is not limited to being used on car tires only.

It is specially designed to be used on vehicle windows, bike helmets, vehicle or bike mirrors and every other car-related surface that you would like to try it on to give a wonderful artistic impression.

The car paint pen is made from a non-toxic formula that allows it to be safe for use by children for drawing purposes. Even as an adult while in the comfort of your car, you can use the auto writer pen to make a drawing or painting for yourself.

It is not a permanent painting marker, it does not require pressure washers or something. A wet cloth or a paper towel is all that is needed to wipe the ink from the surface it is on, hence it is washable and not permanent.

It is overall the best washable paint marker and can be used for both indoor and outdoor lettering, drawing and painting.

Key Features

  • It is washable and easily removable from the surface it is on
  • A best option for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Water-resistant, such that when in the rain, there is no adverse effect on the painting
  • Gets dried up easily
  • A non-toxic formula composition.

4. TFIVE Paint Pen – Quick Dry and Permanent

Paint Pens Paint Markers on Almost Anything Never Fade Quick Dry and Permanent, Oil-Based Waterproof...

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This is a 12 in a pack black tire paint pen. It fits perfectly as a black tire paint pen because it comes as a set of multicolored paint pens.

It is environment-friendly because even though it has an oil-based formula composition, it is non-toxic, odorless and contains no acid and xylene. 

The 12 different color paint pens are vibrant colors that will appear beautiful, bright, and visible on tires.

Each of the paint pens in the pack has its line thickness measuring 2mm and its tip diameter as 5mm. The sizes of the line thickness and tip diameter allow for small spaces writing with precision. 

The tire ink done with a TFIVE paint pen is long-lasting because the effect of the inks works great on the tire. It is a solid black tire paint pen.

More like a permanent paint marker pen, the lettering made with the TFIVE painting pen will not fade or discolor so easily on the tire it is on. Exposure to ultraviolet rays won’t get it to fade. 

Here is a caution, when opening the paint pen cap, you should be careful.

Why? Well because too much nib pressure in the initial stage can result in a leakage of the paint pen ink. The rule of thumb to avoid over pressing the cap is to make sure to not press it more than 3 times.

The 3 times should be enough to get the ink flown to the paint pen tip.

Key Features

  • No possibility of getting discoloured
  • 12 different vibrant colours in the pack
  • Environmental-friendly, non-toxic, odourless, no chemicals and xylene
  • Creates lines easily in spaces that are right because of its line thickness and tip diameter

5. Tire Ink Paint Pen

Tire Ink | Paint Pen for Car Tires | Permanent and Waterproof | Carwash Safe (White, 1 Pen)

Check Price on Amazon

A premium oil-based ink paint pen that is non-fading and waterproof. They are a durable and strong bond on the tire for up to a year. When the paint is correctly used on the tire, it is power washer safe. 

Tire ink paint pen has ease of use. It requires no tools or glue to make it work.

To use it only requires that you shake the paint pen well with the cap on for about 20 – 30 seconds, then press downward. The essence of the shaking and the pressing down is to allow the ink paint to smoothly flow. 

The double-sided tip of the paint pen is an added advantage. The default tip, which is thicker and the smaller tip are accessible using the tire ink paint pen. The thick tip is the default tip and this is good for painting at a go big recessed letters on your tire.

To get the smaller tip, all you will need to do is to flip the felt body of the ink paint pen. The smaller tip will be of use when you need to do a painting of recessed letters in tight areas.

For a durable painting, prepare the tire that is to be painted and clean with acetone, then you can begin painting. This is a necessary precaution to prevent the paint from flaking quickly.

Key Features

  • Comes with a double-sided tip
  • Waterproof and car power washer safe
  • There is no need for glue or tools
  • Long-lasting, for up to one year.
  • Ease of use

How do I paint Tire Letters?

This particular question will be answered in two ways. First, the tools that are needed to paint tire letters will be listed. Then secondly, the step-by-step procedure of painting tire letters will be given.

Tools needed for Tire Letters Painting

  • Oil-based paint pen, medium and fine tip pen is a better choice
  • Tire cleaner
  • Clean clothes
  • Scrap paper or paper towel
  • Acetone or elbow grease

Step by step process of painting tire letters

Step 1 – Cleaning of the tire

The cleaning of the tire is necessary to wipe off and scrub the dirt and oil residuals from the tire. Any tire cleaner will suit this purpose. If you previously had a tire shine on, wipe with elbow grease or acetone and make sure to remove it.

One visible way to know if your tire is clean is that the area of the tire will appear dull. Dry up with a dry cloth or leave it to dry overnight.

Step 2 – Shaking the ink paint pen

Shake the body of the ink paint pen to get the ink paint to the tip of the pen. Make sure to not shake too much so that you won’t experience overflow.

Step 3 – Filling and Outlining the Letters

With the tip of the paint pen, fill the centers of the letters first. Then, outline the letters carefully.

Step 4 – Letting it Dry

Allow the letter painting to dry. If you want to add another coat for bolder lettering, allow the first coat to dry completely. 

Do tire paint pens work?

YES and NO is the answer here.

Yes because tire paints are specially formulated to stick well to tires and last for about a year.

No, because tires are always spinning when they are on the move. Dirts, rain, sun, ice, heat, and wind are factors that all affect tire paints. They get the ink paints on the tire to weaken and get discolored after some time.

Where can I buy tire paint pen from?

If you ask me, I will recommend getting your tire paint pens from Amazon. Why? Because they have the best customers’ reviews.

They also make available assured product quality and a good shopping experience for their customers. Check the reviews out by clicking the highlighted words.

How do I paint white letter tires black?

Are you tired of the white lettering on your tires? You can paint white letters on tires black or even in other exquisite colors. All you need is a black paint pen and following the steps highlighted above on how to paint tire letters.

How do I fix dry paint pens?

Just in case you noticed your tire paint pen is almost dried up or has dried. It is fixable, to fix it follow the steps below.

  • Fill a small bowl with paint thinner
  • Remove the tire paint pen cap
  • Hold the paint pen downward to allow the tip to immerse into the paint thinner
  • Gently wipe the tire paint pen tip with a paper towel 
  • Test the tire paint pen on scrap paper to check if the paint ink is now flowing as it should. If not, repeat the steps above.

Final Word

If making your car attractive and different-looking from other cars is the topmost of your wishes, then working on your tires is the first thing.

Why? Because it is one of the very visible parts of your car. Going for cost-effective and assured product quality tire paint pens for exquisite customization on your tire is a good choice.

We do hope that this article will be of valuable help for you to choose your favorite paint pen. You already know that you need no experience to use tire markers nor do you need to visit tire shops.




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