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Range AFM Disabler Reviews 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2024

If you looked online, one thing will always stand out not even a single list will miss giving the Range AFM Disabler Reviews.

This blue-in-color device is not only easy to fix but is also available in many online stores.

Because of the easiness to fix the fuel management disable the device and its availability, you will be sure that you can solve your fuel problem once and for all time.

Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device Reviews

Range Technology Corded Electric Active Fuel Management Disable Device (Blue)

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Range disabler is one of the most wanted and important vehicle equipment nowadays. For the readers, we discuss the AFM disabler here in detail.

Range AFM Disabler Reviews

Notable Features of the Range AFM Disabler

  1. This product is available in a sterling blue color. As you know, the blue color, as long as it has a clear shade, is associated with royalty. Although not directly, you are sure to fix your V8’s fuel consumption problem fast.
  2. Has the ability to disable your vehicle’s 4-cylinder mode before you are able to fix it as you intend.
  3. This fuel-management disabler works in all vehicles that have strong horsepower and come with four cylinders. Besides, the device does exemplary work on a majority of GM Active Fuel-management car models.
  4. If you are also planning to do something heavy and involving with your V8 or any other premium car for that matter, this range technology AFM disabler is for you. From my experience, you can use this device in high-load scenarios, off-road activities, towing, high-speed commuting, and when driving in snowy or icy conditions among others.
  5. The device does not leave any trace no matter how long you use it or how many times you drive your vehicle while the device is in place. In addition, it does not come with factory programs such as ECU as many related devices.
  6. You do not need tools or special skills to install it. In fact, as long as you have the gadget at hand, it will take you a few seconds to install it. The only thing you need to ensure is that you plug the device into the diagnostic port tightly.

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  • No traces were left behind
  • Extremely lightweight at only 2.3 oz
  • There are no predefined factory settings
  • Installs in seconds
  • Nice blue color
  • Works on heavy chicaneries
  • It is reliable even when the vehicle is under intense pressure and conditions
  • Increases vehicle’s throttle response
  • Helps your vehicle achieve full power throughout the time
  • Increased power delivery, something witnessed on the whole power hand


  • Requires you to disconnect the battery before you connect the device
  • You need to ensure it has the latest firmware

Final thoughts

In the final step of the range AFM disabler reviews we want to confirm a few important things that we like about this product.

First, it is very light.

The second thing is that it is indeed very easy to install and that you don’t need to hire a professional unless you are busy or want to delegate.

Finally, it works on big machines that many people fear owning because of the fear that these machines consume a lot of fuel.

It is also good to note that with this new device, your car will have strength and power throughout the time no matter the weather condition or terrain you are driving at.



  1. I purchased two AFM RA003R’s and discounted using them because they completely burned up batteries in a 2018 Escalade and a 2014 Escalade. The vehicles had sat for two nights each no more. It was necessary to call a tow truck both times and the batteries were tested by the Cadillac dealership and the were determined to be damaged enough that they needed to be replaced. I will never use them again.


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