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Monroe Quick Strut Reviews: Complete Assembly Kit!

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

If you’ve been keen, you’ll realize that most Monroe quick strut reviews feature this motor vehicle spare part. Among the reasons, why this is happening is because the motor vehicle spare part is compact, easy to assemble, and complete.

Besides, it is much safer to use Monroe 171347L on your car than some of the spare parts I have seen on the market.

Personally, I’ll recommend the part every time because it has everything needed for the replacement of the strut.

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Monroe Quick-Strut 171347L Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly for Toyota Tundra

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In addition, you do not need any spring compressor when you are replacing this motor vehicle part.

With this spare part, it is easy to meet your OE design whenever you need it.

If, for instance, you had lost your ride height, which is the number one reason you are most likely changing your strut, you will soon forget the problem.

Additionally, Monroe 171347L Complete Assembly Strut has been ingeniously engineered to promote easy movement and a quick and smooth ride. Besides, the strut helps in carrying and supporting the vehicle’s full weight.

Although it is a space for you, work has been minimized. From the manufacturer, the kit has been preassembled.

Speaking of preassembling, a section of the upper strut has been fit. Thanks to the preassembling, it eases any further work to set up the strut.

Among the other parts that have been preassembled, including the coil spring, upper strut mount, strut feature, and upper strut mount.

All these have been preassembled to help you make a seamless form and fit, resulting in a proper strut function.

A candid check on the Monroe quick strut reviews indicates that the Monroe 171347L Complete Assembly strut is optimized for all types of cars that use the same type of coil strut.

Nonetheless, you are free to try to fit the Monroe 171347L Complete Assembly as you wish.

Do not be afraid of the Monroe 171347L Complete Assembly Strut’s weight. With 24.3 lbs, the average weight of the strut, you will not find a problem fitting it into your car.

The product measures 29.5 x 8.1 x 9.4 inches.

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Notable Features

  1. OE design quality
  2. Made in Paragould, Arkansas
  3. Complete repair kit
  4. Weighs 24.3 lbs
  5. Measures 29.5 x 8.1 x 9.4 inches


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Safe to install
  • You do not need an expert to install the strut
  • Once installed, it is complete; you do not need another strut or part
  • Comes with a preassembled upperpart
  • Designed to fit all types of vehicles that use like parts
  • Features OE quality
  • Restores right height quickly after installation
  • You do not need a spring compressor


Final thoughts

Monroe 171347L Quick Strut is dubbed ‘the complete assembly kit’. This is not hyperbole.

Thanks to the motor vehicle’s completeness, you are able to quickly and easily fix your car’s spare parts.

Besides, the weight of the spare part will not give you any problems.

Now I think strongly that of course, you got the main point why we recommend using the product through our Monroe quick strut reviews.

Note that as long as your vehicle uses like parts, you are sorted with Monroe 171347L Quick Strut because it is complete. Yes, we can vouch for it over and over.



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