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Top Coat F11 vs Chemical Guys vs Torque Detail 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2024

Most motorists and mechanics don’t pay much attention to the brand of product they are using. This might be reasonable in some way since many brands promise similar effects.

Most times, the difference between one brand’s and another’s products is not so clear.

So, we just decide to buy the first thing we see on the store shelf and expect excellent output.

Picking up the first thing that comes to mind or guessing the product to buy isn’t the best way to choose the right product for your car. There are crisp differences in the formulation and processing that detailers use when manufacturing coatings and waxes.

And these minor variations compound, making them a key difference from one product to another.

In this article, we’ll compare F11 Top Coat vs. Chemical Guys vs. Torque Detail to show you the key differences between them alongside users’ frequently asked questions and answers.

F11 Top Coat vs Ceramic Coating

Users mistake F11 Top Coat for a ceramic coating – it is not a ceramic coating.

However, it has the same formulation and processing and offers similar effects, and that’s why it’s often compared with the two other ceramic coating products.

This comparison article gives an overview and compares F11 Top Coat vs. Chemical Guys vs. Torque Details and their key differences and variations regarding ceramic coatings.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘ceramic coating,’ it is a procedure of applying a formulation or chemical to your car’s paint that will fight any harmful elements and offer a long-lasting, candy-like gloss to give it a magnificent feel.

There are critical differences between a ceramic coating and regular car wax. Traditional car wax also brings out an aesthetic appeal, but it only stays on top of the paint and can easily be washed off by heavy rain or robbed off by mechanical forces.

On the other hand, a ceramic coating binds with the car paint, sealing off any microscopic flaws and forming a tight seal that is resistant to everyday rain.

TopCoat F11 Polish and Sealer Kit with Full-Size Spray

F11 Top Coat is an American company that locally makes its materials and products instead of importing them.

They offer accessible applications so that motorists and mechanics can do the detailing without professional assistance. Their web page claims it is more effective than their counterparts.

Well, we’ll see if this is true at the end of this rumble fight.

Overall, they have a range of products that’ll make your car look like a brand new one, unlike chemical guys that sell a repertoire of products with trivial value.

F11 Top Coat has a few essential items covering all the bases, giving you a relaxed mind without confusing which product to choose. Torque details follow the same approach.

They only have one core line of products they are constantly working on and improving on.

F11 Top Coat’s primary product that many people love is the F11 Plusher and Sealer.

It comes in various quantities and is usually a discounted kit. The kit contains a small 2-ounce “travel-size” flask, two microfiber towels, and a 16-ounce bottle.


  • Brand: Top Coat
  • Compatible Material: Glass
  • Item weight: 2 Ounces
  • Package dimensions: 4.5 x 4.4 x 10.25 inches


Attractive sheen

F11 Top Coat formulation works by infusing its detailer into microscopic holes in a car’s paint while giving it an attractive sheen. Applying a Top Coat to your vehicle will make it look like it’s coming out of the showroom.


One of Top Coat’s selling points is that it is water-based and not chemical-based, which makes it eco-friendly. This may not be as unique as you may think.

Torque Details is water-based as well. Chemical guys may or may not be water-based, and we’ll see the adversary. If environmentalism means anything to you, F11 Top Coat is the right product for you.

Diversity of functions

The F11 Top Coat formula is relatively mild and gentle. This means you can apply it to any surface. F11 Top Coat has a diversity of functions; you can use it on chrome, plastic, rubber, glass, metal, and many other materials. 

It also displays its aesthetic appeal on other vehicles such as motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes, and even your house interior.

Its versatility makes a critical difference, extending its service to a range of individuals. 

Protective layer

F11 Top Coat offers a protective layer for your vehicle. It safeguards it from damaging elements, bug guts, UVA, and UVB rays.

It is formulated with hydrophobic compounds that enable it to withstand rainfall and other mechanical forces. 

Its hydrophobic compounds ensure that it lasts longer than its counterparts. Of course, both Torque Details and Chemical Guys offer protective layers.

But it is essential to mention that Top Coat has this feature that gives you the gloss and defense your baby ride needs.

Temperature tolerance

It is safe to apply in a closed space. You can use it at various temperatures. It isn’t flammable, making it perfect for glossy stovetops, grills, engines, etc.


  • Eco-friendly, water-based properties
  • Works on various surfaces
  • It offers a protective layer
  • It is not flammable
  • Works in hot temperature
  • It offers aesthetic appeal even on a more abused surface


  • It has a higher entry price compared to its competitors
  • The magnificent look lasts only 3–6 months
  • You need to use a large quantity

Top Coat F11 Alternative

Torque Details is a premium ceramic coating spray, so it is the best on the market and is seen as a suitable Top Coat alternative.

It saves money in the long run and stays glowing for up to 12 months. It is resilient to UV rays, bad weather conditions, harmful elements, and bug splatters.

Its immediate attention is to save time, provide a mirror-like shine, prevent water spots, and withstand harsh environments.

It is also designed for multi-vehicle and multi-use, meaning it works perfectly on boats, appliance surfaces, motorcycles, cars and trucks, and aircraft (if you have one).

How long does the F11 Top Coat last?

The average life expectancy of the F11 Top Coat is 3-6 months. However, the actual time your application will last depends on several factors. Factors like the abuse it gets from mechanical forces and heavy rain.

Such mechanical forces may include physical wear from hand washes, car washes, abrasive compounds from detergents, harmful chemicals, abusive weather conditions, etc.

If applied to your home appliances, it can last up to 12 months.

Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Kit

As the company name suggests, they specialize in producing a wide range of chemical products for auto detailing.

Their headquarters is located in California, and all their products and materials are locally made in the States.

Chemical guys advertise their products with a trendy and hip image, unlike brands like Top Coat.

Do these hip and trendy images represent a better product? We will find out in the following few paragraphs.

One of the issues with chemical guys is their stockpiles of similar products with trivial values.

Unlike Torque Details and Top Coat, which concentrate on one or two ceramic coatings, chemical guys have collections of products with dramatic labels that don’t give a clear idea of what the product does.

In any case, Chemical Guys hydro charge ceramic spray coating is an easy-to-use ceramic spray coating that offers hydrophobic properties, excellent high-gloss candy shine, and long-lasting ceramic coating protection.


  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Item weight: 2.36 Pounds
  • Product dimensions: 10.98 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Country of Origin: USA


Extreme hydrophobic protection

Its hydrophobic protection repels water, lowering the danger of calcium deposits and water spots. It also allows you to dry your wet car after washing it in less than a minute.

Advanced protection against damaging elements

Chemical Guys hydro charge ceramic spray coating offers advanced protection against brake dust, pollutants, dirt, calcium, water spots, UV rays, grime, and fallout for 10–12 months.

It keeps your car’s magnificent look longer.

Nanotech protective layer

It is formulated with a Si02 protective layer that fills microphonic holes and leaves behind a glowing, uniform, smooth, and stunning look.

It allows water to slide right off without leaving a droplet on the surface.

Easy Application

Most ceramic coatings are difficult to apply and time-consuming. Chemical guys’ hydro charge is a total game-changer.

It offers a swift and easy ceramic coating application to everyone. You can now add a signature look to your vehicle with ease; it is as simple as just squeezing a trigger.

High-gloss candy look

It is formulated with advanced ceramic properties that give it a high-gloss candy look. It leaves a lovely, more profound, darker, and glowing feel to any paint color.


  • Glowing looks, especially on black cars
  • It offers a nanotech protective layer
  • Offers advanced protection against damaging elements
  • Easy application
  • High-level hydrophobic protection


  • It might not last up to a year

Torque Detail Ceramic Spray, Easy to Apply, Ceramic Coating Spray

The last contender on the list, Torque Details, is a family business based in Tampa, Florida.

Frank Mitchell, a former expert detailer and car enthusiast, founded it in 2012. It has successfully outgrown and gained an enormous customer base.

Frank Mitchell used his hands-on industry experience to go into the DIY ceramic coating space with his team.

They manufactured mirror-like shine, a trademarked formula that gives your car a long-lasting glossy feel.

It not only gives your vehicle a stunning look but also provides well-protected compounds against mechanical forces and heavy rainfall for up to 12 months.

Torque Details, with its very own giant, Mirro-like shine, is a spray-on detailer that comes in an 8-ounce bottle.

It is formulated with unique silicon dioxide particles, a recipe that takes up to three years to develop. Torque Details has a small container.

The container is half the size of chemical guys and Top Coat but has a highly concentrated content that only requires a tiny amount to do its wonders.

Their Moto is less when applying Torque Details Ceramic Shine. A couple of sprays can cover an entire panel.

As much as it has a small container, it lasts longer than Top Coat and Chemical Guys.


  • Brand: Torque Details
  • Item weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product dimension: 8×2:5×2.5 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: A



Unlike Chemical Guys which has a stockpile of sweet-sounding names that confuse the average car owner, Torque Details has only 2–3 ceramic coating products.

Would you prefer to spend your time searching for tons of products from the same manufacturer or having one item that serves as a multi-purpose polisher and sealant?

I know you’ll choose the latter. You can save yourself time and money with Torque Detail’s mirror shine.


Chemical Guys uses a controversial concoction in formulating their products. Torque details are environmentally friendly.

Both Torque Details and Top Coat are more eco-friendly, preventing any concoction that may cause long-term damage to your health.

This is essential if you have kids and pets in your garage. These concoctions used by chemical guys are more dangerous to pregnant women.

This is because frequent contact or inhalation can cause congenital disabilities.


Torque Details Ceramic coatings last up to 12 months. It fights bug splatters, UVA and UVB rays, and harmful elements.

This is far from what the chemical guys promise. It also exceeds a 3-6 months Top Coat life expectancy.

Affordable price

As stated in F11 Top Coat cons, one of its disadvantages is the high price compared to the other two products.

Torque Details wins the other two contestants with their entry price. It delivers effectively at a lower price.

An expensive product doesn’t always mean a quality product. Though the product may seem expensive, considering you only need a small application, it has an entry price.


It is hard to honestly proclaim something as the best. I will be biased or lying if I say any of these brands and their products are the best.

Frankly speaking, Both Top Coat and Chemical Guys are excellent products. Their loyal fan base and solid gold history and reviews can attest to it.

But where Torque Details make a critical difference is not in history or dedication but in results. Torque Details offers top ceramic coating products that fill the gap in the ceramic space.

Torque Detail’s mirror shine has everything you need in one package – the hydrophobic compounds, the gloss, the longevity, and the protection your car needs.


  • Easy application
  • It lasts up to 12 months
  • Eco-friendly, water-based properties
  • The content lasts longer. It requires little application
  • Can extend the coating lifespan


  • More costly per ounce, but it requires little application and lasts longer than others.


Is F11 any good?

As an automotive technician and motorist writer, I can boldly say F11 Top Coat is one of the best coating products that the automotive market offers. From the product reviews above, you must have seen all the stunning features it incorporates. It is a go-get coating for all detailers, motorists, and garages. 

Can I wax my car after ceramic coatings?

Yes, you can apply wax to your car after coating. However, it’s a waste of time and product because the wax won’t last long. You may not get a stunning look as the wax may be stuck in some parts of the panel.

Is Ceramic Coating Advantageous?

Ceramic coatings deliver premium protection to a car’s surface, and it’s formulated with a nanotech protective layer that can protect your baby ride from aggressive dirt, scratches, and chemical contaminants. It doesn’t have an aftermath effect on the original car paint. It is long-lasting compared to regular paint. It is formulated with stock paint, and as a result of chemical bonding, the protection stays firm even under mechanical forces. 
Ceramic coating surfaces are easier to clean. A ceramic-coated surface gives no room for bird droppings or any dirt particles. Even though there’s a little dirt accumulation, an ordinary wipe with a clean rag will call back the stunning look. It is smooth and free of abrasion
Wax was formerly applied on cars to bring back a radiant look, but the downside is, it doesn’t last long. It takes time to apply both waxing and ceramic coating, but ceramic coating lasts longer than waxing. 
Considering the long life of the ceramic coating, you’ll find out that ceramic coating is highly cost-effective.

Is Top Coat F11 Safe?

Top Coat F11 is formulated to protect, enhance, and maintain any surface or materials. It is known as the next generation of Top Coat’s highly advanced, Eco-safe, water-based, multi-use, and multi-purpose coating technology. F11 technology enhances coating performance and characteristics and refills swirl marks and micro-scratches with a protective coating.
You can apply the Top Coat F11 formula at a high temperature, and it isn’t flammable, making it highly safe for glass stovetops and engines.

Final word

Your baby ride deserves some aesthetic appeal. It takes you and your family to a warm Saturday dinner and takes you to work literally every day. It also saves lives and serves as a means of transportation to the hospital during emergencies.

Aside from all these, won’t you like to attend that conclave in a stunning car?

I already know your answer… so, give your car the look it deserves. A mirror-like protective coat from Torque Details is all you need.

Finally, Torque Detail’s mirror-like shine emerges as the winner in the fight between F11 Top Coat vs Chemical Guys vs Torque Details. It also demonstrates Torque Details as to the best Top Coat alternative.



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