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Explore the Best Mud Flaps for F150: Drive with Confidence

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

Mud Flaps are a very important element for your pickup truck. They always save your vehicles from mud, rocks, and dirt, especially in the rainy season. They also protect your vehicles from roadside dirt.

A lot of vehicles don’t contain mud flaps from the factory. This means you have to buy it from the market.

But don’t worry, a huge amount of mud flaps are available in the market. To save your time, here we have discussed the best mud flaps for f150. This will help to save your cost.

And also, these flaps can be used for a longer period. So, give a read to find the mud flaps for f150.

5 Mud Flaps for F150 Reviews

1. Husky Liners – Front & Rear Mud Guards

Husky Liners is a popular brand. It is manufactured and designed in the United States of America. It is one of the top-selling mud flaps. With fender flares, it weighs 3.14 pounds.

Fit Mud Flaps have brought husky liners. The best thing about these flaps are they are made of durable and impact-resistant all-weather thermoplastic. It is as tough as nails or rocks. This flaps installation process is very easy.

 It sets perfectly to the fenders. It also protects one’s ride and those around the rage of the road.

These mud flaps are not only good for f150, but they are also the best mud flaps for f250.


  • For full tread, it is built to the maximum width
  • The precision fits perfectly to match the contours of the ride
  • Whatever the road spits at, durable material holds up to
  • Specific models are available
  • The shield between the mudguard and the vehicle’s paint


  • It is easy to install
  • It is fitted properly
  • It has a protective film
  • Take ten minutes to fit


  • No exact fitment
  • Not suitable for snowy weather

2. Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty Molded 2004-2014 Compatible with Ford F-150 Mud Flaps

Red Hound mud flaps are imported from the United States of America. It is designed for certain vehicles. The measurement of the mud flaps is 3 x 1 x 4 inches. It weighs 4.55 pounds with OEM fender flares. Without OEM fender flares it is 3.74 pounds.

These flaps are made of heavy-duty all-weather OEM-grade thermoplastic. It works in the hardest conditions.

Like on rough roads it works best. Front and rear guards are included here which are made of heavy-duty plastic substances. This substance made it more strong.

These have a nice design that looks good and fits properly. The flaps are black and plain.

So, if you do not like very gorgeous products then you can choose this one. It gives the fullest protection. A manual is provided for easy use.

It is said that these flaps can give lifelong service. These flaps are not good for Ford Raptors.


  • It has maximum coverage
  • These flaps hold perfect contour
  • The texture is tough
  • The quality is tested
  • It comes with a full set
  • It is custom molded


  • The flaps are easy to install
  • Screws are given
  • Gives the best protection


  • Description is inadequate
  • Hardware becomes rusty

3. WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps for Ford Super Duty – Front & Rear Set Black

Do you want mud flaps without the hassle of drilling? Then, this one is the right choice. Because drilling causes problems for the trucks. WeatherTech MudFlaps are known as no-drilling mud flaps. It is featured in Digital Fit design. It is built with an OE-approved thermoplastic resin.

It measures 20.5 x 13 x 8 inches. It is patented with a QuickTurn design. These flaps can be installed without removing the tires. There are four sets of mud flaps for the front and rear wheels.

These flaps weigh 6 pounds. It provides full protection to the trucks. It is also giving a lifelong warranty. These mud flaps are also the best mud flaps for F350. And a piece of amazing information about these flaps is, that they are appropriate for every type of weather.


  • Installation guide is easy
  • No drilling is required
  • These flaps come with supplied hardware
  • It is designed specifically to fit vehicle
  • OE-approved thermoplastic resin is engineered
  • Quick and easy installation within minutes
  • In product parts, customer service and warranty are given


  • Easy to install
  • For installation wheel is not removed
  • It is durable
  • It gives high protection


  • Limited Life long warranty
  • Not good for Fender flares
  • Not goes with running boards

4. RokBlokz Splash Guards for 2015-2019

RokBlokz Splash Guards are also made in America. It is colorful and has durable flaps that are patented. It includes sub-zero temperatures and extreme heat. This means it will not split. It has two sets of mud flaps.

It is fitted in many vehicles. Like trucks, cars, sports cars, minivans, etc. It is made of durable polyvinyl chloride. This element made it strong and flexible for all sorts of weather. It also has a fiberglass layer. Through this hardness is maximized.

It is easy to install and if you face any problem then the warranty card is there. These flaps go with every ford model.


  • It is made of poly-vinyl chloride(PVC)
  • It offers EZ fit design
  • It is sold in pairs
  • Necessary hardware facilities


  • It is installed faster
  • Several vehicle logos
  • It is durable
  • Customer support and 1-year warranty on products
  • This flap has wide tread coverage
  • Offers maximum protection


  • It does not have mounting brackets
  • This flap sets well only with fender flares

5. 2015 Ford F150 Front & Rear Black Molded Splash Guards Mud Flap With Lip Set OEM

Black-molded mud flaps have both front and rear versions. These rears and splash guards help to protect the vehicle from dirt, rocks, and stones. These are wide too. The wide size helps to protect the door of the automobile from getting wet in dirt and clay.

It also protects it from being oily and muddy. It comes with the Lip Set OEM. It is one of the mud flaps for Ford F150s. No tools are needed to install the splash guards. In the rear guards, the Ford logo is molded.

These flaps are used as spare parts or exchanged parts in the market. So it gives extra protection to Fords. It secures the truck from every side. These mud flaps are usually used on Ford trucks. These flaps are known as f150 mud flaps. So it can be the best choice for your fords.


  • These flaps have a subtle ford logo
  • It has two versions, with and without fender flares
  • No drilling required
  • Great quality
  • It has heavy-duty flaps
  • Good molded splash guards


  • These flaps are easy to fit
  • Looks good
  • Plastic push pins can be removed easily
  • Needs simple hand tools to install
  • It has OEM Ford quality
  • It is budget-friendly


  • The flaps are not wide enough
  • They are not low enough

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Mud Flaps for F150

As there are several mud flaps it is tough to choose one and the best. That is why one should consider the below points before buying the best mud flaps for f150:

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials is an important fact here. Because mud flaps have to face rough roads or rocks, pebbles, dirt, etc. Materials should be rubber, fiberglass, etc.

And some additional materials can be used too. Materials should be good so that the flaps can be used for the long term and at less cost should be done. Changing should be done after a certain time.

Size and Fitment

Before buying mud flaps it is important to know the tire size of the truck. Because it depends on its fitment. The perfect size gives the best service. Otherwise, it will give the owner less satisfaction.

Product Warranty and Customer Support

The future is always uncertain. So, it is important to have an after-sales service offer and also a warranty card. This is why one should go for such products which give after-sales service. This type of facility makes a customer loyal to the company.

Easy Installation

As there are several mud flaps so one needs to choose the one which is easy to install. To someone drilling, one can be easy and to others the non-drilling one.

Some mud flaps do not require different tools or equipment. Hand tools can help with easy installation.

Compatibility with Fender Flares

Fender flares for trucks should be chosen. This can be divided into two types, OEM and Non-OEM.

In the case of installation, these effects are in several ways. Fixed fender flares are used for mud flaps. So, it can be said that compatibility with fender flares is needed.

Final Opinion

Last but not least it can be said that mud flaps are very important for the protection of trucks.

It protects the cars or trucks from dirt, mud, rocks, etc. But the truth is, one cannot control the damages by using mud flaps only.

One needs to be careful also to avoid damage. Above I have discussed the 5 best mud flaps for f150 which are of different types and prices.

By reading the above review one can choose the right mudflaps for their trucks.




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