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How to Reset GM Instrument Cluster: 10 Easy Steps!

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024

The many displays and controls that enable a driver to operate a vehicle are housed by an instrument cluster.

The gauge clusters and the various indicators for system malfunctions and warnings are all housed by the electronic instrument clusters.

The dashboard warning light provides the vehicle drivers with a centralized and easily viewable location for displaying all critical system information.

Your GM Instrument cluster can stop working and resetting the GM instrument cluster might just be all you need to do.

This article will give you the reset process of a GM instrument cluster and also give answers to the FAQ to common instrument cluster-related questions.

How to Reset GM Electronic Instrument Clusters

GM Instrument Cluster

Step 1 – Remove Headlights Fuses

Modern Vehicles come with two fuse boxes – the in-car fuse box and the underhood fuse box.

So if your car falls in the category of modern vehicles, then you will need to find out the appropriate fuse box that contains the headlight fuse information.

You can refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for easy location. 

Once you have located the fuse box that contains your headlight fuse information, then you should go ahead and unscrew the top of the fuse box.

Unscrewing is to uncover the fuses in the box. Take the fuse out carefully but firmly by grasping the fuse between your two fingers and pulling it in the outward direction.

Do not apply force as you pull out, a little side-to-side wriggling will be able to get it to remove.

Step 2 – Work with the Ignition Key

In this step, you will need to insert the ignition key into the ignition lock. You must confirm the ignition lock before inserting the key into it.

Turn it and get it to contact the zero mark, you could also leave it placed at the 1 mark. 

Step 3 – Push Sel/Reset Button

The push sel/reset button is on the right side of the steering wheel. The button is directly below the Multi-Information Display Information Button.

Push the button and maintain it while you follow the instruction in the next step.

Step 4 – Turn the Headlight On

Remember you are to push the sel/reset button as instructed in step 3 above. You should keep it pushed in for some 20-30 seconds after which you can get your handoff.

This step is where you get to go for your headlights again. It is in the off position, so you need to turn it on.

Step 5 – Turn the Ignition Key Switch On

Position 1 and 0 mean your Ignition Key is off. So to get it on means to turn it away from the 0 and 1 mark place and turn it to the 2 mark.

You should be on the lookout in this step as some of the instrument panel lights will come on. 

The instrument panel light is an extra light that alerts you to the part of your car that has been automatically activated. If at the time of carrying out this step, you don’t have your seat belt attached to you expect to hear a warning sound.

For your safety, you will need to bother about getting your seatbelt properly fastened on you now. It is the programmed way of the car warning you to be a safe driver and you should hearken.

Step 6 – Continuously repeat the Off and On Process

This step needs to be carried out as soon as you sight extra lights. Almost like immediately, get back to holding the sel/reset button before you start to turn off and on the headlights.

Do this for about 30 seconds. Keep your hand on the sel/reset button while you are off and on the headlights.

Step 7 – Release the Sel/reset Button 

Release the sel/reset button once you complete the step 6 task. You will not release it at once and forget about it, No. Check the next step for instruction.

Step 8 – Carry out a Push-and-release Process on the Sel/Reset Button

After releasing, carry out a push and release process of the button three times before finally releasing. That is, release the button then push it in, and do this again and again. 

Are you wondering why you have to push and release the button three times in a row? Well, this is to get the new cycling of all the gauges initiated at the end of each successive push and release process. 

 The GM instrument cluster then kick start a self-test

 Step 9 – Turn the Ignition Key Off

Reach for the Ignition key and turn it off. You should turn it off or else you will get your vehicle speed to exceed 1.5mph.

As soon as the speed sensor detects a 1.5mph, it automatically finishes up the GM instrument cluster process for you.

Step 10 – Fix back the Headlights Fuses

The resetting process ended in Step 9 but remember you removed the headlight fuse in step 1.

You need to get them installed back into the underhood fuse box from which you removed it. So go ahead and fix it back.

What causes Instrument Cluster to stop working?

You noticed that all of the gauges and engine warning lights in your vehicle stopped working all at once.

Well, your not working instrument Cluster could be a result of a blown fuse. It could also be a result of power not being supplied to the instrumental panel.

So whenever you sense that your GM Instrument Cluster is not working, check the engine light and then zero down on these reasons first, it should most likely be any or both of them.

They are the common reasons an instrument cluster will stop working. If you find it difficult to troubleshoot a particular problem, you could make it easier by using a transmission scan tool to get diagnostic trouble codes.

Using an automotive code reader, you will be able to interpret the trouble codes. 

What are the signs of a Bad GM Instrument Cluster?

  • Instrument Panel lights intensity becomes low
  • The engine warning keeps coming on intermittently
  • Some extra lights flash
  • Fuel gauge reading becomes inaccurate
  • Recurring Gauges Malfunction
  • Indicators become faulty and/or inaudible
  • Stuck Cluster Needle

Is a Used Instrument Cluster Reprogram necessary?

The answer is No, you don’t need to reprogram a used Instrument Cluster after getting it.

You only need to make sure that the cluster was from a well-charged car. Else, you will get a display showing “incorrect part fitted” and that reads trouble.

Does changing the Instrument Cluster change Mileage?

You get a big fat no for that. No! You don’t have to change your mileage when you get a new instrument cluster. That you changed the instrument cluster won’t cause the mileage to reset.

Final word

A model trim engine like the V8 Electric/Gas OHV is an improved GM engine with a good surface finish.

So you could get a car with this engine if you are reading this because you want to get a vehicle that uses a GM instrument cluster.

You have the freedom to choose from their shipping options with varying shipping costs and shipping methods for the models.

We hope that when next you are driving your GM engine car and you notice any one of the signs of a bad instrument cluster, all you need do is reset your GM instrument cluster using the outlined process above.

Hope this helped you. Drop one or two words for us in the comment session.



  1. I have a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu and when I start the car the instrument cluster is dead. The car runs normally and everything else seems to work. If i remove the fuse to the instrument cluster for a couple of minutes and then reinstall it the instrument cluster works normally. At this time I can turn off the car and restart it and the cluster works as it should. Sometime later when I start the car the instrument cluster will again be dead and I have to go through the fuse removal procedure to restore its functionality. Any idea as to what might be the problem and/or what to check. Thanks in advance


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