What can happen if You have a Bad Wheel Bearing?

A wheel bearing is a crucial part of the exact formation of tires or wheels and it assembles these to work together. The wheel bearing offers smooth and frictionless wheel rotation.

The wheel bearing is a material that is used for reducing friction to wheels when it is spinning. If you have a bad wheel bearing, it may cause any tragic accident on the road creating problems for wheels. In this article, I will inform you about the topic “What can happen if you have a bad wheel bearing?”

Problems of a Bad Wheel Bearing

A bad wheel bearing is a very serious problem for a vehicle. It can often cause a tragic accident.

The main problem of having a bad wheel is-

  • It will decrease the smoothness of your wheels.
  • Mechanical damage in the wheel system such as roller damage.
  • Excessive bearing endplay.
  • This can lead to loose clamping.
  • Put straight pressure on the supporting axle of the drive wheel.
  • Loud and unpleasant noise.
  • Your tires might damage easily. Your tires may damage very fast if you have a bad wheel bearing. Your wheel can completely fall off while driving because the bearing is the part that keeps attaching wheels to the car.

It is dangerous when your wheel bearing is bad. A damaged wheel bearing puts a lot of pressure on hubs and tires as well as wheels.

how to define bad wheel bearing

How to Define Bad Wheel Bearing

When your wheel bearing is damaged or bad, then it will show some symptoms. Don’t even ignore it.

  1. Read carefully. The first and most common symptom which defines a bad wheel bearing is noise from the wheel or tire area of the vehicle while it is moving. Don’t mistake this noise for engine noise. Don’t overlook this. The noise will get louder as you accelerate. The cause of the noise is that the bearings have gone bad.
  2. Another sign of bad wheel bearing is car feels loose as you drive it. When the bearings begin to get damaged, they become loose inside the wheel and it causes your vehicle to feel loose while steering. This loose steering is not always the problem of the wheel bearing, but most often it happens.
  3. Another trace of damaged bearing is pulling. Have you experienced something like you are driving in one direction and the car is going in another direction like it has its own mind? This problem may cause a risky situation on a busy road.
  4. Pay attention to your tires. If you find that you have to change your tires very fast then check your wheel bearing.


So, now you know the vulnerable consequences of a bad wheel. Don’t ignore this bad wheel bearing problem and replace your bearing at the first warning signs. Keep in mind the signs of bad wheel bearing and if your car shows any uneven symptoms, you must go to an auto repair shop.

Now if you ask about the cost of bearing replacement, then it will depend on your vehicle year, make, and model. Go to an auto repair shop after several months to recheck your vehicle parts for your own life’s safety. Thank you for being with us in this whole article. We hope, this article will be helpful for you.

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  1. My rear hub bearing is bad and when I drive i feel vibrations in the cars steering wheel. So when I Jack the car I realized that the rear tire is shaking severely like it wants to remove. Is that the cause of the vibrations in the car.


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