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Ford F150 Service Advancetrac Error Message: How to Solve it?

The “Service Advancetrac” error message indicates a problem with the traction control system.

It could also be caused by a bad battery, bad ABS sensor, low brake fluid level, throttle body malfunction, or a bad steering rack.

In the next parts, how to solve the Ford F150 Service Advancetrac error message will be discussed. 

Ford F150 Service Advancetrac Error: Meaning

When the “Service Advancetrac” message appears on a Ford F150, it indicates that AdvanceTrac, the vehicle’s electronic stability and traction control system is malfunctioning.

It will display “Service Advancetrac” if there is a problem with the system, such as a sensor malfunction.

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How to Fix Ford F150 Service Advancetrac?

Ford F150 Service Advancetrac error message usually means a problem with the traction control. But it can also be a battery problem, brake system issue, steering issue or a throttle body malfunction.

Reason 1: Weak Battery

One of the reasons for the “Service Advancetrac” message could be a weak battery. You need to check your battery for corrosion and its voltage to ensure the health of your battery.


Remove the negative terminal first, then the positive terminals to check them for corrosion. If the terminals are corroded, clean them with baking soda and water. 

If not, then check the battery voltage with a multimeter. If the voltage is close to 12.6 with the car turned off, then it’s healthy. If the voltage is around 11 volts, that means it’s low on charge. If the battery voltage is below 10 volts, it means the battery is faulty.

If the battery has low voltage, recharge it. Replace the battery if it’s faulty.

Reason 2: ABS Sensor Malfunction

A bad ABS sensor can make the “Service Advancetrac” error message appear on your Ford F150. Along with that, you will see your ABS light turned on.


In that case, you must check if the ABS sensor works. To check the sensor, locate and remove it from the harness.

Then connect it to a multimeter using alligator clips. Set the multimeter to read in the 20 kOhm range.

Now, the meter should give you a reading between 800-2000 ohms. If the reading is not within this range, the ABS sensor is malfunctioning. In that event, you will have to replace the ABS sensor.

Reason 3: Brake Fluid Too Low

The traction control and the brake system both use brake fluid. So, when the brake fluid is too low, it can trigger the “Service Advancetrac” and “Check Brake System” lights.


Check the brake fluid level in your vehicle. The brake fluid reservoir is usually located behind the driver’s side engine bay.

If the fluid level is low, add the recommended type of brake fluid to bring it to the proper level. 

Reason 4: Throttle Body Malfunction 

If your Ford F150 is displaying a “Service Advanctrac” message and not starting, the throttle body of your car is malfunctioning.

Also, sometimes the “Hill Descent Control” warning message can also pop up.

Source: Breaker Link


Since the throttle body might have a malfunction, you need to have it checked.

However, this can be a very challenging task because of the location of the throttle body. It’s best to contact a mechanic for a throttle body diagnosis and replacement.

Still, if you insist on doing the tasks yourself, here is a video guide-

Reason 5: Bad Steering Rack

If you have a bad steering rack in your Ford F150, it can trigger the “Service AdvanceTrac” message on your dashboard. That’s because the traction control system is dependent on it for information.


This solution involves checking the steering rack and replacing it if it’s faulty. The diagnosis and replacement process is highly difficult and takes more than 6 hours. So, it’s best to rely upon an expert.

For those who want to perform the tasks themselves, here is a video guide:


Is it safe to drive with service AdvanceTrac?

Yes, it is safe to drive with the “Service AdvanceTrac” message displayed on the dashboard of your Ford F150. The message indicates that there may be an issue with the traction control system. However, it does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is unsafe to drive.

Does traction control affect the engine?

Yes, the traction control system can have an impact on the engine. To prevent a skid, it reduces the engine’s power output when one of the driven wheels slips.

How does the Ford F150 traction control work?

The Ford F150’s traction control system is designed to help the driver maintain control and stability of the vehicle in slippery or low-traction conditions. The system works by using sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel and detect when one or more wheels lose traction. To help regain traction, the system will apply brakes to a wheel that spins faster than the others.

Final words

Ford F150 “Service Advancetrac” message indicates an issue with the traction control system.

But in most cases, it’s accompanied by other warning lights or messages which can mean a totally different issue. That’s why proper reasoning and diagnosis are very important.



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