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Detroit Axle Strut Review 2024

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

Strut and coil assembly is a very vital component in your vehicle’s suspension system, but they wear out with time and can cause you to have an uncomfortable ride, including other issues like worn-out tires.

When you notice it becomes difficult to stop your vehicle or you are experiencing really bumpy rides, it is time to change your struts and shock.

If you need a replacement, you should always go for the right product for your vehicle. Detroit Axle is the best shock and strut parts supplier in the market, and they are very affordable.

Here is a Detroit Axle strut review of their best products to help you get only the best.

Best Detroit Axle Strut Assembly

1. Detroit Axle for Jeep Commander Grand Cherokee

The Detroit Axle for your front struts and rear shock replacement is made with high-quality steel with precision calibration to support your vehicle weight and maintain the right height.

This strut assembly is designed to guarantee a more comfortable and stable driving experience.

Its electrophoretic coating enhances oxidation and corrosion to make it a highly durable assembly.

Each of the coil springs is primarily designed to give your vehicle the right ride height, support the weight of your vehicle, drastically reduce vehicle shaking, and improve the handling quality.

With this fully assembled unit, you don’t have to get a coil spring compressor or any other special tool, everything you need for a strut replacement comes with this unit.

Detroit Axle based this new premium strut on excellent strut application technology. The struts feature engineered valving to support your vehicle’s characteristics.

For all those concerned about its testing quality, rest assured that this assembly has been made to undergo wear, impact, and fatigue to enable you to know its durability and quality status.

Thanks to Detroit Axle for this quality part!

Best price and quality The suspension might be above normal setting
Easy to install 
Great performance
Direct fit and superior ride

2. Detroit Axle 4WD Complete Assembly

Just like the product above, this assembly doesn’t fall short of quality. The kit also comes with two front struts and coil springs from Detroit Axle.

This high-standard assembly is a great fit for your Ford F-150 4WD, Lincoln Mark LT, and other vehicle models.

It is very essential for Detroit Axle to make their strut assembly undergo standard tests like fatigue, wear, and impact testing in order to ascertain the level of durability and quality of their product; this makes you know you are getting nothing short of the best.

The coil spring in this coil is manufactured with high-standard steel material, and it has been calibrated to support the weight of your vehicle and help maintain the right height position of the vehicle.

It has lower spring insulators whose function is to eliminate vibration by preventing metal-to-metal contact. There is also the hollow bumper that increases your vehicle’s shock absorption and safeguards your components when the suspension bottom is not in place.

You also need to know that its nuts and bolts design meets the exact original equipment specifications for form, fit, and operation, offering great value and superb quality.

Good springs Very good parts but might be tough to install. 
Brings the smooth ride experience back
Works effectively 
Superb stability 
OE standard 

3. Detroit Axle Rear and Front Quick installation Assembly

Detroit Axle is a top distributor and retailer of OE re-manufactured and aftermarket automobile parts. This brand always aims to introduce the best products to the market.

You can certainly trust any Detroit Axle product for your vehicle, and this strut and coil spring assembly is one of their quality products out there.

Like all Detroit Axle products, you don’t have to purchase any extra tools or do any special work, the assembly is always ready for installation.

Detroit Axle has also made it super easy to install by equipping this package with the needed tools.

This kit comes with two front and rear complete struts and coil spring assemblies.

Having a spring assembly, which you can use either in the front or rear position, saves you a lot of time, effort, and money; that’s what this product is made to provide with the best performance and quality.

If you are in search of this kind of strut and coil assembly for your vehicle, then you have to go for this Detroit Axle product and thank us later.

You won’t just be getting the best product in the market; you will be getting it at a really good price.

Fits perfectly Bottom width is slightly higher than OEM
Great price 
High-quality strut and coil assembly 
Functions so well
Excellent OEM replacement choice 

How to replace the Shock and Struts in your vehicle

Replacing your shock and struts can be extremely challenging and tough when you don’t know how to or have the right knowledge to carry out this service.

Thoroughly read through these instructions below before dismantling your vehicle in order for you to achieve the right end result and also keep yourself safe.

Get a Spring Compressor

The shock and spring mechanisms in vehicles are designed with springs that can easily pop off and damage your vehicle when they are not removed properly. You also run the risk of being injured.

Due to this situation, you will need to get a spring compressor to dismantle the strut assembly safely.

You can rent the spring compressor from a local auto shop, but you have to ensure that you know how to use this tool.

Taking out the springs is the most vital step in the shock and strut replacement, so you must be careful.

If you don’t have any knowledge of how to remove the springs, it’s advisable that you take your vehicle to your mechanic.

Lift Your Vehicle

Once you’ve got all your tools and parts set, you can raise your vehicle using a jack or car lift.

If you are using a jack, you must place a jack stand under the vehicle to ensure maximum stability.

You must make sure that your vehicle is well secured before you get under it or lose anything. 

Take Out the Old Shock and Struts

To place your new strut and coil assembly, you have to remove the old shock and strut.

With your spring compressor, you can remove the bolts at the bottom of the strut; usually, there are three bolts at this bottom.

All you need to do is partially loosen the bolt; do not take it out completely.

At the top of the strut is another bolt, which you can loosen using a socket wrench.

Once you’ve got the bolts at the top loose, remove the other bolts to allow your shock and strut to be released.

Install Your New Shock and Struts Assembly

You should have no problem installing your new shock and strut assembly once you’ve got the old one out. Ensure you tighten the bolts using a torque wrench.

Put your wheels back in your vehicle, then slowly bring down your jack or car lift. If you are using a jack, you must remove the jack stand first before bringing the car down.

You are ready to go on a test drive.

Final thoughts

You can always trust Detroit Axle auto parts to give you the best result.

If you are considering changing your Strut and Coil assembly, you should go for any of the products highlighted above, or you can look up other Detroit Axle products that suit your needs. You are sure to find one that meets all your requirements.

Let us know what you think about Detroit Axle after testing them out.

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