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Coilovers Vs Struts – Detailed Comparison

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

Coilovers and struts have different structures. While the Coilover is made as one unit, the strut has two different units.

Coilovers are more adjustable than struts. They also have better longevity but are costlier than struts. While you can’t drive without struts, it’s technically possible to do so without Coilovers.

But there’s a lot more explanation remaining for coilovers vs struts. So, keep reading our article to learn more.

Coilover Vs Struts: Quick Comparison

Coilovers and struts are both used as shock dampers in your suspension system. But they’re two different components with various dissimilarities.

Before discussing their differences in detail, let’s look at them briefly:

StructureSingle unitTwo different units
AdjustabilityMore adjustable than strutsLess adjustable than Coilovers
Vehicle Driving CapacityWithout Coilovers: Technically possibleWithout Struts: Impossible
Longevity150,000 miles50,000-100,000 miles
Coilover vs Struts Comparison

Now, let’s talk about these factors in detail.

Coilover Vs Struts: In-Depth Comparison

Here, we’ve discussed all the factors thoroughly for you to better understand their differences.


Coilovers have a single-unit structure whereas struts are structured as two different units.

Car struts are basically a shock combined with a spring assembly. Thus, they have two different parts. They’re attached to car wheels to soften the ride and enhance the braking and steering system. 

On the other hand, Coilovers are one single unit. It’s true that they’re also shocks wrapped around a coil spring. But, the spring wraps the whole assembly and not only one part like a strut. 


Coilovers are more adjustable than struts. They are adjusted to fine-tune the suspension settings according to the user. 

In Coilovers, you can adjust the ride height, preload, spring rate, camber angles, and much more. Thus, it’s possible to fine-tune coilovers exactly according to the user’s needs.

But, struts aren’t so flexible. It’s true that some struts might offer these options. Like it’s possible to change the ride height in adjustable ride-height struts.

In Macpherson struts, the camber angle can be changed. But, such fine-tuning isn’t possible for all struts.

So, if you want more adjustment options for your performance car, choose coilovers.

Vehicle Driving Capacity

A vehicle without a Coilover can drive but without a strut, it’s impossible.

If your suspension system is built with Coilovers, you can drive or steer even without it. Although, the vehicle will fail on bump stops.

But, if the struts are removed, the vehicle won’t even drive or steer. It’s an obligatory part of your suspension system.


Usually, Coilovers last longer than struts. So, how long do coilovers last?

Coilovers can last more than 150,000 miles if maintained properly. For example, check them regularly and fix any problem at the beginning.

Make sure that the wheel alignment is right. Thus, reducing the toll on your coilovers will make them last longer.

In contrast, struts last about 50,000-100,000 miles. It may vary depending on your driving and maintenance.

If you see fluids leaking from the struts, it’s a sign that they need to be replaced. You’ll also feel unstable while turning and braking your car. 

So, if you want more longevity from your suspension setup, choose coilovers.


Coilovers are also more costly than struts. So, how much do coilovers cost?

Usually, average Coilovers cost about $1300-$2100. While high-end Coilovers might cost more than $3000.

Lastly, the installation costs will be about $300-$500. Although, you can save this money by installing the Coilover yourself.

For that, you can watch this video: How to Install Coilovers in Your Car 

And, how much do struts cost? 

Generally, a strut assembly costs about $150-$350. The labor cost is approximately $100-$300. So, you can expect to spend about $250-650 for your struts. 

But again, you can save labor costs by installing the struts yourself. You can watch this video for reference: 

How to Replace Struts in Your Car or Truck

Thus, if you’re concerned with your budget, go for struts. 

Which is Better? – Coilover or Struts

By now hopefully, you know which one you need. If you want one with more adjustability options, go for Coilover. They’ll also last longer than struts. But, if your budget is low, struts are a better option.

Coilover Vs Ori Struts

Ori struts provide better performance than Coilovers. Ori struts provide better handling and a smoother ride experience. It’s especially good for racing. Because Ori struts are lighter and have lesser components than Coilovers. Thus, they weigh less and the racers can carry more fuel while maintaining their performance. 

Coilover Vs Air Struts

Air struts provide a smoother ride and performance than coilovers. They also have more adjustability options than coilovers. But, they’re more costly and require more maintenance. Thus, if you have budget issues, go for coilovers. But, strictly based on performance, air struts are better. 

Coilover Vs Macpherson Struts

Macpherson struts are complete suspension systems with struts and control arms. On the other hand, coilovers are just coil springs over a shock. It can perform the functions of a strut with better adjustability. But, it doesn’t have the control arms like Macpherson struts. It’s a single component rather than a complete assembly.  

Does Coilovers Increase Performance?

Yes, coilovers can increase performance. Coilovers are adjustable. Thus, you can lower the car’s center of gravity to stiffen the suspension. This increases the performance and handling of the car. Although, they require more maintenance and money than shocks or struts. 

Bottom line!

Hope you found this article about Coilover Vs Struts intriguing.

Still, we’ve one last piece of advice for you. While choosing a spring for your Coilover or struts, look for one with a higher spring rate. It’ll give a firm feeling while driving. Thanks for staying with us.



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