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Can I Get An Alignment with Bad Struts: The Correct Answer

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

Yes, you can, but it is not suggested to do so. Because aligning the wheels with bad struts will not serve the purpose of alignment. Bad struts cannot distribute the load of the car properly.

This affects the wheel alignment. The wheels will not stay aligned for a long time with bad struts.

Now you know the answer to Can I Get an Alignment with Bad Struts? But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

You will need more information about the alignment of bad struts. Keep scrolling to make the right decision.

Can I Get an Alignment with Bad Struts?

Yes, you can get an alignment with bad struts, but it’s not recommended. Alignment is the process of adjusting the suspension and steering of the car to the original settings.

And this operation is largely dependent on the struts. Bad struts cause an imbalance in the suspension of the car.

As a result, the alignment of the wheels gets affected. Aligning the wheels in this condition does not provide the best results. Rather, the health and safety of the car get compromised.

I will show some more adverse effects of aligning with bad struts in the next section.

Why You Should Not Make An Alignment with Bad Struts?

Bad struts are responsible for various problems in your vehicles. Let’s see how the damaged struts affect the alignment of the wheels.

Alignment with Bad Struts Won’t Serve The Purpose 

Aligning the wheels helps to attain a smooth and stable journey. But this is not possible if the struts are bad. The wheels jump and bounce more with bad and damaged struts.

Moreover, the tires lose proper contact with the road due to bad struts.

Aligning the wheels with bad struts will not benefit the car in any way. The wheels will keep bouncing and jumping despite the alignment. Also, the alignment will not last for a long time if the struts are damaged.

This causes stress in the tires and the stress induces tire wear. The longevity of the tires decreases because of this. So, the primary purpose of wheel alignment can never be attained with bad struts…

Alignment with Bad Struts will Double the Cost

You might think that aligning the wheels with bad struts will solve your problem once and for all. But that is not correct.

Because the bad struts will completely go out of order sooner or later. Then you will have to replace them.

The new struts will not work with the old alignment. So you will need to align the wheels again. This means the expenditure on aligning the wheels will be doubled…

You can see the problems of alignment with bad struts above. Now you must be curious why struts are so important in alignment. Keep scrolling to know the answer!

How Do Struts Affect Alignment?

Struts are essential components of a vehicle’s suspension system. They maintain the vertical position of the wheels and absorb shocks while driving.

The struts also provide the necessary support to keep the wheels in proper alignment.

This is vital for handling, stability, and tire wear. Struts provide structural support to your vehicle by carrying the load of the car. Lastly, struts hold the tires in an aligned position.

The stability of the vehicle is compromised if any of the struts are bad. The load distribution gets disturbed because of them.

As a result, they can no longer maintain the alignment of the wheels. This affects the overall performance of the vehicle.

What are the Struts Replacement Costs with Wheel Alignment?

The struts and alignment cost depend on various factors.

First, there is the size of the struts. Bigger struts are needed for bigger vehicles. And the bigger struts are costlier than the smaller ones. The position of the struts also plays a role in the price.

Rear struts are cheaper than the front ones. Then comes the cost of labor for replacing the struts and wheel alignment. Now let’s see the prices.

Strut TypeCost
Small Struts$250 to $350
Big Struts$400 to $600
Front StrutsAround $100
Rear Struts$120 to $350

Besides the above-mentioned cost, there is also the labor cost. The labor cost for replacing the struts is between $120 to $350. You will have to pay extra for the wheel alignment.

It can cost between $250 to $650 depending on your car. Overall, the cost will be around $600 to $1000.


What happens if you keep driving with bad struts?

The health of the car will deteriorate if you keep driving with bad struts. Bad struts affect the engine functionality. Moreover, the transmission system gets damaged if the struts are not working properly. The bad struts also affect the braking of the car and cause more tire wear.

Are struts worth replacing?

Yes, struts are worth replacing. Replacing the struts will enhance your driving experience. The ride will be smoother and more stable. Replacing the damaged struts is also important for overall safety.

Last words

This is all I have on your question: can I get an alignment with bad struts? I think that I have been able to clear all your doubts.

Replacing the struts before alignment will save you some bucks and hassles. So make sure to check the condition of your struts before doing an alignment.



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