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Best Struts Brands: Top 5 Manufacturers

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

KYB, Mevotech, Sensen, Monroe, and Motorcraft are some of the best strut brands. They are reliable, efficient, and highly durable. These best struts are very popular among users.

All of these struts provide safe and enjoyable rides. They also last for a long time and ensure quality service.

This is only the summary of my discussion on the best struts brands. Keep reading to know everything about these best strut brands.

What are the Best Struts Brands?

Struts are integral parts of the car’s suspension system. The market flourished with different brands of struts. But not all of them are of equal quality. So it’s quite difficult to select one. But don’t you worry!

Here is a list of the best struts you will get in the market. Have a look at it!

Struts’ Brand NameAdvantage
KYBSpecific Part Number, Superior Build Quality
MevotechEasy Installation
MotorcraftSuperior Built Quality

There are certain reasons that make the above struts the best in the market. I will go through the details of these struts in the next section.

Details on Best Strut Brands

You must be wondering how the struts I have chosen are the best. Well, keep scrolling to know the answer!


The first strut in this list is the KYB strut. It is a very familiar name to the car user. KYB has been manufacturing reliable struts since its advent. It has been making struts all over the world including Asia, Europe, and the USA.

The best thing about KYB struts is their distinct part number.

As a result, required KYB struts can be easily matched with the model of the car. Compatible struts for car brands like Toyota and Honda are available in their options.

Another positive aspect of the struts manufactured by KYB is the build quality.

They use superior quality materials in their struts. For this reason, many cars use KYB as their OEM struts. The high-quality materials enable the struts to last longer and provide efficient service. 


The next strut I have is the Mevotech strut. They have been very popular in the market since their birth in 1982. Besides struts, Mevotech also provides shock absorbers, ball joints, control arms, and other car equipment.

The struts made by Mevotech are pretty easy to install.

They come with the exact dimensions without any errors. As a result, the Mevotech struts will be perfectly compatible with your car. Thus, the performance of the car will be over the top.


The third strut in my list of the best struts is the Sensen strut. They have been in operation since 1985. This huge period of service proves their quality and reliability. Sensen struts are well known for the longevity and durability of their struts.

The struts are made with utmost care. Premium and high-quality materials are used for making the struts. They are designed perfectly. As a result, Sensen struts provide a smooth and stable ride.

Moreover, the sound produced by the struts is also minimal.

The durability of the Sensen struts is better than almost all other struts in the market. And they are safe too. All these great qualities have made Sensen one of the best struts brands in the market.


Now I am going to talk about another popular name in the struts business. Monroe has almost become a household name in the case of car parts.

They manufacture different car components including struts, shocks, steerings, and others.

Monroe struts are unique in terms of fit, quality, and durability. They are well-known for making OEM struts. The struts offer great handling and controlling experience.

Moreover, the struts manufactured by Monroe work very smoothly from the start of their operations.

The noise and vibration of the Monroe struts are also minimal. Also, they give extra attention to designing the struts for different models. Overall, the standard of the Monroe struts is on another level.


The last strut on this list of best struts is the Motorcraft strut. They are an official parts brand of Ford motors. Motorcraft produces various replacement parts for Lincoln and Ford vehicles for this reason.

They manufacture spark plugs, engine oils, and other car components besides struts. 

Their struts offer excellent build quality and functionalities. They are easy to install and can be brought into action within a very short time.

Moreover, the installation procedure does not generally require any special tools. The struts are OEM and give long-lasting service.

These are the best struts you will get in the market. I will show you the common qualities of the best struts in the next section.

Qualities of the Best Struts

Buying struts can be hard if you don’t know what you are looking for. Have a good look below!


The first thing that you need to ensure is the compatibility of the struts. Every car is different and has different requirements.

So the struts required for different cars also have different specifications and dimensions.

So make sure that the struts match the dimensions of your car. Or else, the strut will not be useful for you despite its high brand value.

Easy Installation

Another important aspect of the struts is their installation process. Make sure that the struts you are getting come with the necessary bolts and nuts.

Also, the struts should get easily installed in your car. Extra force and power will not be necessary if the struts are of high quality.


The feature that you can not compensate for or ignore is the durability of the struts. The struts are very essential for the performance of the car. They should be able to withstand the shocks and loads.

So the struts must be durable. Otherwise, they can break during rides and cause accidents. 


Last but not least quality of the struts is their functionality. Struts are used to make the ride smooth and free of bumps. The struts must be able to do this without producing much noise and vibrations.

Look for these qualities before getting any strut for your car. Take help from experienced people to ensure these factors.


Can I replace all 4 struts?

Yes, you can replace all 4 struts. Replacing the damaged struts will help the car to get smooth rides. By replacing all 4 struts together, you will get the best output. All the struts will be equally efficient and give the best outcome. And most importantly, doing the alignment will be easy.

How many years do struts last?

Struts last for about 5 to 10 years. If the roads are nice and smooth, and minimum loads are carried, the struts will last for ten years. But for bumpy roads and heavy loads, the struts will be alright for 5 years. You can take 8 years as the average lifetime of the struts.

Last words

I hope that now you are clear about the best struts brands. Follow my discussion properly to select the best struts for your car and ensure a smooth ride!

Get your struts from a trusted and familiar shop. This will help you to get original and high-quality products. Also, do not fall for cheap struts as they do not last long.



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