Author: Sayeed Parvez

TRQ Wheel Bearing Reviews: Why we love and you should too!

Are you sick and tired of those wheels bearing which promise a lot but perform like a toy? Can’t blame you! I know the feeling, I have been there also. The world of the aftermarket vehicle market is pretty confusing and puzzling. The reason behind the situation, there is very little information about the aftermarket, […]

Top Coat F11 vs Chemical Guys vs Torque Detail

Most motorists and mechanics don’t pay much attention to the brand of product they are using. This might be reasonable in some way since many brands promise similar effects. Most times, the difference between one brand and another brand’s products is not so clear. So, we just decide to buy the first thing we see […]

How to Reset GM Instrument Cluster: 10 Easy Steps!

The many displays and controls that enable a driver to operate a vehicle are housed by an instrument cluster. The gauge clusters and the various indicators for system malfunctions and warnings are all housed by the electronic instrument clusters. The dashboard warning light provides the vehicle drivers with a centralized and easily viewable location for […]

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

Automatic transmissions will not function without a transmission control module. It makes it possible for the transmission to generate moving power. It will be impossible to change gears without the transmission control unit. Hence, the transmission control module is an important part of an automatic transmission. You definitely won’t be able to drive with a […]

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