How to Warm up a Diesel Engine

To warm up a diesel engine, turn the ignition on and let the car idle for a few minutes. Depending on the weather, the idling time may vary. For example, if the temperature is below 0 ℉, let the engine idle for up to seven minutes. The time should be five minutes if temperatures range … Read more

How many Glow Plugs are in a Diesel Engine

Glow Plugs

In normal circumstances, there is a minimum of one glow plug per diesel engine cylinder. So, that means the total number of glow plugs depends on the number of cylinders in an engine. However, in reality, the manufacturers use multiple glow plugs per cylinder for various reasons. It’s also worth noting that not every diesel … Read more

What Years Are Ford Diesel Engines To Avoid?

The Ford Powerstroke 6.0L is the most notorious for being faulty, all the models from 2003-2007 should be avoided. The 6.4L model from 2008, the 7.3L models from 1994 and 2001-2004, and the 6.4L models from 2011-2014 are also problematic.  Below, you will find more about what years are Ford diesel engines to avoid and … Read more

Will A Car Battery Recharge Itself?

will a car battery recharge itself

Car battery problems can affect your travel plans. So, it’s better to understand how it works and charge itself to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. A car battery is regarded as the soul and life of your vehicle. The battery powers everything including the headlights and engine. It’s why you should take battery matters seriously. However, no … Read more

Do Car Batteries Charge While Driving

do car batteries charge while driving

Having a flat car battery can be a frustrating experience. It could cause worry, especially when you’re caught up in an emergency. The good thing is that many vehicles while driving at certain speed levels, charge the car battery effectively and efficiently without using any external electrical equipment. So, if you’ve been asking; “Do Car … Read more