Range AFM Disabler Problems – Explored

By Sayeed Parvez •  Updated: 04/20/22 •  6 min read

Active Fuel Management (AFM) helps reduce fuel consumption in trucks, thereby increasing mileage. However, AFM causes limitations on the cars’ power.

Plus, there are times when you may want to switch to a higher cylinder mode for excellent performance. All of these require the use of a Range AFM Disabler.

However, despite the numerous benefits that the Range AFM disabler offers, it also poses some difficulties.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting the Range AFM disabler problems and some solutions to halt the problems.

Range AFM Disabler Problems And Their Solutions

The easiest way to avoid frequent problems is to get the best AFM disabler. Below are the common AFM disabler problems and their corresponding solutions:

High Exhaust Noise

The Range AFM disabler can cause your truck to emit loud noise whenever the AFM is disabled, causing noise pollution.

Additionally, it can strain the exhaust and cause deterioration in the long run.

In some cases, this deterioration can affect your truck’s engine. If the issue is left unattended, it can skyrocket into a severe problem.



The Range AFM disabler can switch from a cylinder mode of 4 to a cylinder mode of 8 for high peak performance, which will cost more fuel. Sometimes, this switching may be unresponsive, causing hitches while driving. 

Some of the causes could be faulty disabler, outdated firmware, or compatibility issues. It’s necessary always to check the switch and disabler to see if they’re working well before entering the road.


Higher Engine Stress

The Range V4 mode active fuel management delete device allows the truck’s engine to function at a performance pace higher than average.

However, switching off the active fuel management system for a long time can cause stress on the engine and could lead to battery drainage.

Also, improper maintenance can lead to a serious issue, causing irreparable damage to the vehicle’s engine and will cost you to spend so much on repairs.

Allowing the delete device to remain on while your truck is idle is also not safe, as it can cause your engine to deteriorate faster.


Lifter Failure

Frequent use of the range AFM disabler can cause lifter failure. That is, the lifter will start degrading and may end up breaking down from prolonged usage. This breakdown can cause a serious issue and can damage the truck greatly.



Does Range AFM Disabler Drain Battery?

It’s not advisable to leave the disabler plugged into the truck. That’s why it is important to find out how much battery the range AFM disabler drains when you leave it plugged into the car. Interestingly, the AFM disabler device retains (draws) the battery life when the truck is off or in sleep mode.

Why Should I Use an AFM Disabler?

Using an AFM disabler depends on how your vehicle responds after connecting the AFM disabler device. Therefore, it’s advisable to use an AFM disabler if you encounter problems whenever you plug in the disabler device. However, if your car still runs smoothly when you insert the disabler, then you have no need for it.

Will Disabling AFM Prevent Lifter Failure?

Of course! When you disable the AFM, you’ll be preventing lifter failure. After the disablement, the lifter will no longer be used while running the truck, which implies that the lifter will no longer wear off. That way, you’ll be saving the lifters.

Should I Disable AFM on My Silverado?

If you’re encountering problems caused by AFM in your Silverado, it’ll be best to disable the AFM using an AFM disabler or AFM delete kit. Disabling the AFM is better and less expensive than fixing the problem.

Will Disabling AFM Make My Fuel Economy Worse?

When using AFM, fuel economy largely depends on the driving conditions and your driving style. For example, your truck’s fuel mileage will reduce if you drive mostly on the highway and in town. But, if you drive at AFM V4 mode, there’ll be an additional two mpg in your fuel mileage.

Also, the fuel type and formation affect fuel economy. Some parts of the country change the additives depending on the season. For instance, winter additives contain more volatiles and oxidizers to help in cold winters, thereby hurting the mileage. Rain, wind, snow, and cold temperatures affect the fuel operation of the engine management system.

Final Words

Unfortunately, not all vehicles with the AFM function can be used with the disabler.

In cases like that, you’ll encounter a range of AFM disabler problems. The AFM disabler helps reduce loud exhaust noise and lifter failure and halt excessive oil pumps. The problems, however, are many.

But, good enough, there are easy solutions to resolve the problems for as long as possible. Endeavor to check the disabler and maintain your vehicle regularly.

If you notice any disturbing signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.

Sayeed Parvez