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How to Clean Fabric Car Mats at Home 2023

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

Your car floor mat attracts the most dirt in your car interior. It’s mainly because dirt and grime from your shoes are often left on the mats. Plus, anything coming into the car or being taken out of the car leaves a diet on the mats.

How do you deal with this problem?

Car owners need to regularly clean their mats. Failing to clean the mats often can cause respiratory infections like allergies, coughs, etc.

Besides, it leaves your mats looking filthy and unhygienic which makes you susceptible to infection and diseases.

Cleaning the car mat involves removing loose dirt/ debris, washing, rinsing then drying.

How to clean your fabric car mats

Follow the guide below to effectively clean your fabric car mats and ensure your vehicle interior is free of allergens and dirt.

You need the following tools and cleaning products:

1. A shop or vacuum vac

The vacuum machine removes grime and dirt from the fabric. Also, if you use a vacuum with a suction hose it easily sucks in excess water and any remaining debris from your floor mats.

However, it’s better to use a shop vac with a moisture-sucking feature.

2. Water, baking soda, a brush with stiff bristles

The role of baking soda is to remove stains and bad smells. You can use baking soda alone or mix it with water then scrub your car cloth mat using a brush.

tools for cleaning your car

Alternative tools for cleaning your car cloth mats

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also use the following alternatives to clean your car fabric mats

1. Shampoo, detergent, and a stiff bristles brush

The above combination does a thorough job that leaves the mat clean and smelling pleasant.

2. A brush and a spray cleaner

Spray cleaners like commercial fabric car mat cleaner or carpet cleaner work wonderfully leaving the fabric looking great and smelling good.

3. Power washer or steam cleaning vac

These are powerful cleaning machines that do the job quicker and with ease. You can buy one or simply use the ones at the self-service car wash facilities.

4. Water, stain remover, washing machine, and detergent

Washing machines make the process easier and quicker.

5. Using an air compressor or dryer

These machines dry the car mat quickly and you can drive off with your car fabric mats in pristine condition.

guide on cleaning car fabric mats

Stepwise guide on cleaning car fabric mats

A cloth or fabric mat is different from a rubber car mat. For one, they are made using different materials.  Also, they require different cleaning methods. 

1. Remove the fabric car mats from your car

Take your car mat out for thorough cleaning. Doing the cleaning inside the car mat seems easier or more convenient but it’s dangerous and damaging.

Remember that accidentally flushing soap or water can damage the car’s interior.  Besides, water and soap can get on your clutch, brake pedal, or gas pedal on the driver’s seat making them slippery. The effect is that your foot slips when driving.

2. Vacuum the fabric mats

Vacuuming the cloth mats removes accumulated grime, debris, and dirt. 

3. Apply baking soda to the fabric mats

Rub some baking soda on the surface to eliminate the smells and stains.  Alternatively, mix the baking with water then apply this mix to the fabric surface using a stiff bristles brush. Scrape off all the grime and dirt.

4. Wash your fabric mats

You can use any of these three methods to wash your fabric car mats.

  • Use a shampoo, detergent, and a stiff bristles brush. Apply this solution to your mats then scrub hard.
  • Use a brush and spray cleaner. Apply it then leave it for half an hour to soak. Scrub the mats using a stiff bristles brush.
  • Use a power washer or a steam cleaner vacuum to clean your car fabric mats.
  • Use your washing machine to clean the car cloth mats. However, use a stain remover and detergent as your cleaning solution.

5. Rinse your fabric car mats

Rinse your cloth mats after washing them with your chosen method. Rinsing the mats removes all the solutions used leaving the fabric clean and smelling good.

6. Vacuum the cloth mats once more

The aim is to remove excess moisture and dirt particles from your mats. Use a vacuum fitted with a moisture-sucking feature for effective results. Alternatively, use a vacuum with a suction hose.

7. Dry your cloth mats

Let your fabric car mats dry completely in the sun to ensure they don’t give off unpleasant odors or damp smells later. Dampness makes them prone to mold.

Therefore, ensure they dry well before putting them back into your car. You can air-dry the mats or simply use a dryer. Car wash facilities also use an air compressor to dry the mats.


How do I keep my fabric car mats clean throughout?

It requires dedication and commitment. For instance, you first schedule a regular cleaning. Some people clean their cars with cloth mats twice a month and weekly on rainy days because of the mud and dirt.

Always inspect your mats when going on a long drive or during the weekends. If it’s very dirty, clean it at home or take it to the car wash for a good cleaning. Replace worn-out mats as soon as possible.

Why should I keep my fabric car mats clean?

Car mats easily get dirty because you and your passengers step on them. The dust, dirt, water, leaves, and grime buildup eventually causes rot and mold growth in your car interior.

The dirt and mold growth causes respiratory problems and discomfort when driving due to smelling mats.

Also, the car mats are meant to protect your car’s interior. Therefore, cleaning your car mats ensures your car’s interior smells fresh and looks good at all times.

Is it safe to machine wash my car cloth mats?

Yes. However, follow the instructions well and use recommended washing agents.  Nevertheless, you cannot machine wash rubber mats.

Final Words

Car fabric mats can get dirty and make driving uncomfortable because of the dirt, grime, and filthy smell. Always pay attention to your car cloth mats and clean them thoroughly using the above methods.

Good maintenance and cleaning make your car’s interior welcoming and hygienic.



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