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Top 3 Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500

Last updated on February 1st, 2024

Ball joints are not the typical vehicle parts for aftermarket exhausts or tuners, but they act as instrumental addition for trucks and steering.

Ball joint failure may lead your truck to unstable control and cause a massive accident.

When you notice about ball joint malfunction, you should replace it instantly. For your kind information here is a list of the best ball joints for Dodge Ram 2500.

These ball joints are available in the market, and have reliability and acceptance; you can easily choose one for your truck.

For the performance driving experience of the Dodge Ram 2500, you may find a quick guide to choosing the perfect ball joint.

Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500 Reviews

If you want smooth driving and smooth steering operation as well, then ball joints are a perfect solution.

If you own a Dodge Ram then you know the importance of the ball joints for the smooth driving of your truck.

Here in this article, we provide you with a list of the Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500 that will help you to choose the suitable ball joints for your truck.

1. Carli Suspension Extreme Duty Ball Joints (14+ 4X4 2500/13+ 4X4 3500)

Carli Suspension Extreme Duty Ball Joints (14+ 4X4 2500/13+ 4X4 3500)

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Carli Suspension produces some excellent quality ball joints for Dodge Ram.

According to the redesigned radius arm for joining ball joints in Ram, the unique materials, design, and process make Carli Ball Joints the best solution for your Dodge Ram.

And only the quality performance keeps them in the #1 position in the market.

This set comes with an upper and lower ball joint with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. The Ball joints are copper-plated, Dry-lubed, and carburized, along with a tube of Redline CV2 Grease.

The product fits with 2013+Ram 3500, 4X4, and 2014+ Ram 2500, 4X4 models. The installed factory-made ball joints are lowering angled and an upper floating kingpin.

The Carli ball joints are made with advanced features to perform well in any road condition and more extended performance.

The user experience for Carli Suspension Ball Joints is very positive. The overall performance and service life are comparably impressive to factory parts.

Installing and maintenance are suggested to do by professionals.

Compared to other products in the market, Carli produces superb quality products that made it stand alone from other competitors’ products.

Carli is considered a perfect one for the dodge ram 2500 as well as the best ball joints for the dodge ram 3500.

The ball joints are made with Chromoly steel, two tires with a patent design, and an internal grease port. These are also heat-treated for proper hardness to give a year-after-year performance.

Then these ball joints are sent to an Aero-space lube facility to apply dry lube. Additionally, Zerk fitting allows for easy servicing and maintenance.


  • Advanced designed Ball Joints
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Dry-lubed in 2 stages
  • Carburized and Copper plated
  • Suits with Ram 3500 and Ram 2500
  • Quality Grease included


  • Requires to use grease each 5000 miles
  • Maybe clunking and loose after 50000 miles

2. Dynatrac CR92-2X3050 – A Pro Steer Ball Joints 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD

Dynatrac CR92-2X3050-A Pro Steer Ball Joints 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD

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Dynatrac is another superb choice for Dodge Ram. These Ball joints suit with Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 4WD.

These Ball Joints are made with heavy-duty performance, are durable, and are of the highest quality. This USA-made kit comes with a Pro Steer Ball Joints 2003-2012 model Dodge Ram 2500/3500-4X4.

These ball joints are heat-treated, Chromoly stems, and high-strength materials. 

Dynatrac produces fittings with military specification quality and contamination-free seals.

Also, the greaseable and Teflon-coated points give assurance for safe driving by reducing tire wearing.

Dynatrac produced this set, which is a better fit for the RAM than stock ball joints. Another excellent feature is to install them smoothly without any expert hands.

These ball joints come in a compact size of 6 X 6 X 5.5 inches, which is a non-comparable best ball joint for the dodge ram 2500.


  • Compact size
  • Rebuildable ball joints
  • Dry-lubed coating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Customized design for better suitability


  • Additional expenditure on shipping
  • Small featured set

3. A-Team Performance 2x New XRF (K7460X Upgraded Design Greaseable) Upper and (K7467 Greaseable) Lower Ball Joint Kit Set

A-Team Performance - XRF 2X K7460X Upgraded Design Greaseable Upper and K7467 Greaseable Lower Ball...

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XRF Ball Joint set is a high-quality ball joint set that consists of two upper ball and two lower ball joints.

These are some of the best ball joints compared to many other ball joints in the market due to their features like Brand Lifetime warranty and more.

Both the upper ball and lower ball joints are strong and long-lasting.

The set of ball joints is compatible with all kinds of axle shock-up of Dodge RAM 2500 and Dodge RAM 3500 pick-ups. These are the best fit for the 4×4 series ranging from 2003 to 2012.

Another great feature of this ball joint set is it offers a trouble-free replacement service that directly fits with OEM. The weight of this product is 7.98 pounds.

The whole package dimension is 8.9 x 6.6 x 6.5 inches.

Users found it sturdy and well-built while using it; even alignment is not required after installation.

Few appreciated the grease zerk replacement on lower ball joints. In comparison to Carli’s joints, it is budget-friendly for dodge ram 2500 and also for 3500. 


  • High-quality
  • Direct fit for OE replacement
  • Trouble-free replacement service
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well-designed and good packaging


  • Some buyers had issues about the bottom ball joints of being big

Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500: Buying Guide

While we are looking for quality Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500, then we should choose from the best from the market.

Stock ball joints are not that quality-one comes from the manufacturer.

When a ball joint replacement came in place, it came to our mind that we should go for better parts than the stock one.

best ball joints for dodge ram 2500

From the local vehicle repair shops to online shops, Carli, Dynotrac, and XRF were the best recommendations. Due to their unique make, these come with some superb features:

  1. These products have a unique and modern design to fit the vehicles. Some of them have a patent too. These modernized parts are better performing than the stock ball joints.
  2. Ball Joints come with a lifetime replacement warranty depending on regular maintenance and expert handling. When choosing a customized product, the warranty becomes a choice.
  3. Lubricated ball joints give a smooth performance, whereas these ball joints are dry-lubed. According to the manufacturers, these are dry-lubed in aero-space facilities for better performance.
  4. Regular 5000 km maintenance is a common thing for ball joints. While buying a good set of ball joints, you should check for quality grease. Few sets have those grease tubes included.
  5. Easy-to-assemble ball joints are preferred by buyers and mechanics. If the installation is tough, it has a risk of improper installation and worse performance. So, easy-to-fit parts are well appreciated.
  6. Ball joints are designed according to the design of axel and other portions for vehicles. So, choosing a better set, we may go for a better fit for Dodge Ram 2500/3500- 4X4.

Choosing a better quality set of ball joints will allow us to enjoy better performance driving and vehicle service life for a long time. Not only the user-suggested products, but the market trend also gives us more ideas on better quality products.

What is the Best Time to Replace Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500?

When you notice the handling is not up to the mark and vehicle steering is not veering in the right direction, then consider it’s time to replace the ball joints. This situation may lead to an accident and tiring for the driver also.

On the other hand, noises coming out of axles and ball joints may create vibration too then you can consider replacing your ball joints.

Final thoughts

Getting a quality ball joint for Dodge Ram is not quite cheap. From the stock parts to quality ones, the price differs a lot.

Our analytics on durability, quality, and longevity will allow you to choose the best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500.

Depending on the situation, buying a proper ball joint will require a suitable warranty period, lubrication materials, and unique designs.

In terms of Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 after 2003, the ball joints are not matched with other models available in the market, so this specially designed product will give the perfect and smooth performance to your vehicle.



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