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Best Clear Coat for Headlights Reparation in 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2024

Can you imagine how driving at night without lights could be? Disastrous! Because it is a life and death thing.

For that motor vehicle, spare part manufacturers are doing all they can to produce the best clear coat for headlights.

With this new product, driving at night while engulfed in fog and mist won’t be a problem for you whether the road is busy or not.

In this article, I’m going to give you some of the best clear coats for headlights you can trust.

Best Clear Coat for Headlights Reviews

Driving at night is not an easy thing for many people even after driving for many years.

Whether it is because they fear they might land in a ditch because of the reflection from the lights from an oncoming vehicle, these clear coat spray for plastic headlights will help you greatly.

1. 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System 39008 1 Kit

3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, 39008, 1 Kit

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As the name suggests, this spray for plastic headlights is manufactured by 3M, one of the famed manufacturers of motor vehicle spare parts.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s prowess in the industry, it makes something that is worth it.

The kit comes with among other things, a wax protectant, light sanding discs, and masking tape that will help you when installing.

You can use this product to replace or repair your car’s plastic lenses notwithstanding the part. It can be headlight lenses, fog lights, taillights, or even directional lights.

When applying this clear coat, you are sure that it will not add any yellowing shades to your lights.

Besides, it quickly removes any unnecessary buildup inside your car lights without damaging the surface of the lens.

Notable Features of the Clear Coat

  1. The kit contains among other things, masking tape, wax protestant, and light sanding discs.
  2. Non-abrasive.
  3. It is classified as a universal fit.
  4. Requires a 3-step cleaning and restoration of the car’s light lost glory.


  • Easy to use.
  • Do not create scratches or abrasions on your car lights.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Requires no expertise to use.
  • You do not require any special tools when applying.
  • Saves you lots of money that would be used in replacing headlight lenses.
  • Does not damage the surface of your plastic headlight.
  • Removes buildup and any yellowing from the headlight fast.


  • Although easy to use, it might take up to 4 straight hours to finish.
  • Sanding the opaqueness of the headlight may need extra skill.

2. SYLVANIA – Headlight Restoration Kit – 3 Easy Steps to Restore Sun-Damaged Headlights

SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration Kit - 3 Easy Steps to Restore Sun Damaged Headlights With Exclusive...

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SYLVANIA’s Headlight Restoration UV Block is one of the renowned clear coats for plastics that many people use to restore and recover the uniqueness and sharpness of their car headlights.

Thanks to the coat’s unique properties, the coat has been labeled one of the best Rustoleum clear coats for headlights of the century that enables your headlights to remain bright for many years.

To enable your headlights’ lenses to retain their original clarity for a long time while at the same time protecting them from harmful UV radiation, SYLVANIA uses a premium UV Block system of coating.

The coat’s sealing power is out of this world because once you apply it, it will take several years before you decide to use another headlight coat on your car.

You will also appreciate the fact that the manufacturer has, among other things included a piece of cloth and an instructional manual.

All these and other things are geared toward helping you apply the best clear coats.

Notable Features of the Clear Coat

  1. UV clear blocking coat (1 oz)
  2. Surface activator (1 oz)
  3. Instructions manual
  4. 1 Clear UV blue lint-free coat applicator


  • Ultralight
  • Comes with enough accessories and tools to help in the application process
  • Once nicely applied, the headlight stays bright and clear for years
  • UV protection
  • Easy to apply
  • No scratches on the surface of your headlight lens
  • Strong sealing power
  • Comes with an instruction manual in case you are stuck


  • No warranty
  • The sanding, painting, and coating process may take longer to achieve good results
  • You may overuse the Activator, especially during the first step. This will not bring good results

3. Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit Car Headlight Cleaner

Meguiar's G3000 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

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If you are looking to have a headlight restoration kit that will solve all your headlight’s buildup, yellowing, oxidation, and haziness, then you need these 2k clear-coat headlights.

The clear coat for plastics is made in a way that ensures you see the road clearly, once you apply it properly.

For outstanding results, the product contains, among other things, a headlight restorer that is drill-powered.

Thanks to the sanding, which is offered by the clear coat spray paint for plastic headlights you will not have problems driving your car in the middle of the night on a busy road for up to 12 months.

Once properly applied, Meguiar’s G2980 presents itself with a unique and clear finish that remains on the surface of your headlight for many months.

Notable Features of the Clear Coat

  1. Revolutionary headlight coating (4.0 oz)
  2. PlastX plastic polish and cleaner (4.0 oz)
  3. The kit comes with a headlight restorer


  • Lasts for many months without the worry of looking for another headlight restorer soon
  • The application needs a simple process
  • Lightweight with only 12 ounces
  • Presents a crystal-clear finish
  • Say goodbye to headlight oxidations
  • Thanks to the heavy-duty and premium materials, your plastic headlights remain professional
  • The product enhances visibility whether you are driving by day or by night
  • Increases your personal safety because you can fall into a ditch


  • The sanding grate starts from 1000 grit and above instead of something like 500 grit. This may course scratches if overused
  • Some sanding papers aren’t really sanding papers or don’t have the right grit

4. Spray Max 2K High Gloss Finish Clear Coat Spray Paint

Spray max USC 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

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Perhaps, there is no easy-to-use headlight restorer than the 2k clear coat for headlights made by Spray Max.  For you to use this headlight coat, you only need to open, shake, and finally spray.

Through experience, I see that this headlight spray will not give you any problems. The design of the container itself makes it possible to easily shake and deliver the spray coat in minutes.

The nozzle has a unique way in which you can deliver the coat thus making it the easiest to use I’ve seen around.

The headlight pain might not look good when you are applying it but glows with awe the moment it sets and dries up naturally, a process that is fast.

In addition, once applied, the coat provides your headlight with chemical resistance, something that troubles most users especially when it comes to oxidation and building up for various matters that lastly interfere with your car’s headlight.

Notable Features of the Clear Coat

  1. Uniquely designed delivery nozzle
  2. Aerosol clear coat (2 components)
  3. Metal protector
  4. Chemical resistance ability


  • Guards against all the metal parts surrounding the headlight
  • Easy and smooth application thanks to the unique delivery nozzle
  • The paint is chemical resistant
  • Easy-to-ready instructions including clear labeling of the date of manufacture
  • Sprays evenly
  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Dries fast
  • Once applied properly, the headlight restorer lasts several years
  • Improves visibility and road clarity


  • It is a heavyweight 1 pound
  • Needs a little expertise to give good results

Here is a tips article for owners on how to keep clear headlights of their cars.

Final thought

All are the best clear coat for headlights listed above have been tested and proven to offer amazing results for several months by users.

Besides, you don’t have to have any expertise to be able to use these lens sprays or hire an expert. May you find exquisite joy when driving at night after using these clear coats.



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