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How to Keep Headlights Clear from any kind of Dust

Last updated on January 4th, 2024

Are you concerned about your car’s headlights that they become rusty and yellowish?

And you don’t know how to protect them from becoming rusty and oxidized? When you do worry about headlight oxidation, you will first think about protecting the material from rust.

No doubt that plastic headlights are built strongly, but when it comes to keeping headlights clean, your plastic headlights may not be enough.

You will have to add something to protect them from getting yellowish or rusty. In this how-to keep headlights clear article, we will give you some tips to keep headlights clear.

Methods of How to Keep Headlights Clear

Cover headlight with protection

It’s true that the less your car’s element will get damaged, the longer it will last. There is so much headlight protection available in the market, grab your favorite one.

Using headlight protection, you will be able to protect your headlight from air pollution, dust, and sunlight.

That’s how headlight plastic won’t get cracked, and you will be able they get proper light from the bulb.

There are a few forms of headlight protection, but you have to double-check if the protector is fully transparent.

Choose a right parking place

This is one of the simple yet very effective tips to keep headlights clean. Most of the time, your car stays in the parking lot.

You may have to park your car on the road without any headlight UV protection. So it’s important to make sure the place you choose to park the car is a cool place out of sunlight.

You can park your car under a tree shadow to protect it from the sunlight. It would be even better if you have a garage to park your car; thus, you will be able to ensure that your car is protected from dangers.

cleaning car headlight

Clean headlights every week

This is another simple and effective way to keep headlights clean for a longer time. Even if you see that the headlight is clean, still please wash your headlights every week.

Do not use harsh clothes to wash them unless you want to leave some scratches on the plastic.

Use the right cleaning chemical for washing. You will get lots of cleaning products that only work to clean headlights and try to buy one of them.

What causes headlight dusty

It is a common scenario that headlights get dirty and rusty, which makes your car look less attractive. The biggest cause behind headlight oxidation is exposure to the elements in the sunlight.

Yes, sunlight’s UV radiation is the greatest culprit behind this scene. UV radiation creates minor cracks in the plastic of the headlight; thus, it obstructs flashes from the light. Another culprit is headlight covers.

Covers are not wholly air-tight; thus, air can go in and out with dust.

Also, the pollution of air impacts the headlight. But if you are worried about how to keep headlights from turning yellow, read down below to know a few tips and tricks.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard or difficult to keep the headlight clean; you just have to apply some methods to protect them from getting dusty.

In the above how to keep headlight clean article, we’ve shown you a few steps.

Apply them in order to get clear headlights. We hope that this article will help you to keep your headlights clean.



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