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Can You Park a Car on Laminate Flooring?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024

For heavy machinery, a concrete floor is best. However, garages are treated as an extension of the living space.

As much as concrete floors are the most ideal solution, they lack the aesthetic flair that most people want.

Therefore, it makes sense to seek out other formidable garage flooring solutions like laminate.

Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal of your home and garage, laminate flooring is comfortable to handle when doing regular activities in your garbage space.  But is it advisable to park a car on laminate flooring?

Can you park a car on laminate flooring?

Yes. A laminate floor can hold the weight of your car well without damage. Besides, installing high-quality laminate flooring has the additional benefit of being scratch resistant.

Unlike concrete surfaces, laminate flooring comes in various designs that are developed by recreating different surfaces artificially. The laminate flooring recreates surfaces from hardwood to stone.

Besides, laminate flooring comes in large sheets or tiles and bears attractive patterns to make it more aesthetic than concrete floors.

They are dent resistant and fairly tough which means that they can survive harsh conditions.

Many homeowners are putting laminate flooring in their garages for parking their cars. It’s easy to install and enhances the aesthetic value of your garage.

Most importantly, it holds the weight of your car comfortably and the floor is easy to maintain. Laminate flooring requires little maintenance cost besides being easy to install.

What makes it safe to park a car on laminate flooring?

The laminate flooring can handle the weight of your car comfortably. Besides, it’s safe to park the car on laminate flooring for these reasons.

Moisture resistant

Laminate tile is not susceptible to moisture buildup like garage floors. Therefore, snow and rain will not be tracked from your car wheels or feet.

Soaking water creates mildew and mold which can affect our health. Installing a water-resistant laminate floor keeps your garage air quality optimal.

Durable against the car’s weight

You are not going to park a trailer in your garage, so the laminate floor can handle the tonnage of a vehicle you can park inside that space.

Mostly, you will be parking saloon cars, SUVs, or pickups. The laminate floor is a good investment in that case and can support the weight of your vehicle.

Remember, some cars are lighter than others. Check the weight rating of the laminate tiles when buying to save yourself future expenses.

Resistant to road salt damage

Use high-quality laminate material that is not going to break down due to exposure to sand and salt that add traction on the road.

Salt is harmful to various floor components and can make your floor fade.

Visual appeal

As much as people rarely consider the stylistic attention the garage gives, it’s good to bear in mind aesthetic appeal.

A high-quality appearance makes your garage lively and you can choose laminate tiles that match your style preference.

Let the laminate tile option you consider be something that will look good for a long time.

Is it safe to put laminate flooring in the garage?

Yes. It’s just like concrete flooring. Laminate flooring is safe to install in a garage. The flooring is sophisticated and is installed differently, not like traditional concrete flooring.

Besides, installing laminate flooring enhances your garage’s aesthetic value. It also needs little effort to maintain once you have installed the flooring.

install laminate flooring

How can I install laminate flooring for parking my car in the garage?

Homeowners love laminate material because it has great aesthetic value. Besides, it complements the living room flooring.

However, it’s good to learn how to install it. The following guide helps you install your laminate flooring fully.  

Step 1

Prepare the floor where you intend to park your car in the garage.  Start by cleaning the floor and leveling the area well. Also, ensure the area is dry.

Clean the surface using mild detergent and remove all the debris and dirt. Since it’s a garage floor, use a specially formulated detergent that can clean oil from the garage floor.

Step 2

Once the floor is clean, level it to ensure that there is no slanting side. Leveling is crucial before installing your laminate flooring.

Use a level bar to identify the dips and rises on the floor. A level bar makes it easier to identify problem areas and mark them beforehand.

Step 3

Use a 3mm polyethylene film sheet on your floor. The sheet prevents moisture from getting into the laminate flooring.

However, ensure your film sheet doesn’t exceed 8 inches of overlap in all adjoining areas.

Step 4

After placing the polyethylene film sheet on your garage floor, lay the laminate layer while ensuring the nose is minimized.

Install the foam and ensure it’s lapping the baseboards at least 2 inches. Secure that foam to your wall using masking tape.

Step 5

Install the actual laminate flooring starting from the corner while working your way to the center. Leave ¼ inches of space between the corner wall and your laminate floor.

Install the first two rows first and try not to glue the initial two rows to your floor. It allows you to determine the right position for placing the laminate and prevents the need to cut.

Therefore, only glue the laminate floor after determining that the placement is right.

Step 6

Once you have the right placement position, glue the laminate to the floor. Ensure your glue has enough adhesive and start spreading it directly under the laminate tile.

Thereafter, glue those tiles to the placement area you identified.  Use a tapping mallet and gently tap to prevent breaking the tiles.

You can use a tile cutter to ensure the respective tiles fit into the space and the joints are correctly positioned.  Place tape to the seams until your pieces are firmly in place. 


Laminate floors are highly popular and attractive. Their aesthetic value is high and you can use them in garages.

The beauty of using laminate flooring is in its formidable materials as they make your garage an extension of your living space.

Parking your car on laminate flooring is safe and convenient because you don’t have to install separate flooring for the garage or driveway.



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