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7 Best Sounding Exhaust for V6 Camaro 2023

Last updated on January 27th, 2024

Having a V6 Camaro is never a small thing.

The parts and engines of this masterpiece are world-class And the best-sounding exhaust for V6 Camaro will complete the functioning and performance of the whole parts and engines successfully.

Starting from power distribution to fuel consumption, the exhaust system is directly involved in most of the vital functions.

The riding of the car, as well as the duration of a successful run, depends on it. The better the exhaust, the more unwanted things will be released from the car.

And when the car is V6 Camaro, you must give the best preferences and priorities to it. For that, the best exhausting system will satisfy this space.

Sounding Exhaust for V6 Camaro Reviews

The exhaust will elevate its whole performance and running speed. Not only that, the internal system of the automotive will be cleared up to a certain limit.

But, which exhauster should you buy?

This might be a great dilemma under the circumstances. But, don’t worry because we’ll provide you with the 7 best-sounding exhausts for V6 Camaro in this article.

It will clear your perception regarding the exhaust system of the V6 Camaro and you can freely have the best use of it.

1. Flowmaster 42543 2.5In(O)/Out(O) 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 42541 40 Series Chambered Muffler

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Coming with great feasibility for your automotive the Flowmaster 42543 40 Series Muffler is a great muffler.

With an outstanding offset in and out capability, it ensures you’re automotive has a good sound system.

The features of the Flowmaster 42543 40 Series Mufflers make it one of the great exhausts for Camaro v6. Let’s take a look at the traits it provides.


The muffler is pretty much durable and strong. The body is made up of 16-gauge aluminized steel. It is made welded to have the best functioning.

When it comes to tone, it is very exhausting and powerful. The sound released is pretty much strong and has the best influence on the overall bindings.

The interior resonance is highly upgraded. It is made up of the best and most convincing material to have good functioning.

When you are to use it on and off the road, it will give you the best service. Having its capability to serve street and off-road applications, the Flowmaster 42543 40 Series Muffler is certainly favorable.

There are no chances of having a blowout. The whole system is manufactured in the best possible way.


  • The noise level is satisfactory
  • Can last for a long time
  • The mileage of the muffler is very good


  • At certain moments, it sounds like a stock

2. Cold Air Intake System Kit fit for Chevy Camaro V6

Cold Air Intake System Kit fit for 2012-2015 Chevy Camaro 3.6L V6 (Black Tube & Black Filter)

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One of the best kits for your Chevrolet V6 Camaro is the Cold Air Intake System Exhaust Kit. Having the best features and convenient performance, your automotive sound will elevate to the next level.

The features and its description will surely make you fall for it. Let’s take a look at the features and services it provides.

Features and Benefits

The whole body of the Cold Air Intake System Exhaust Kit is fully made up of stainless steel. It serves you the best durability your exhaust can have. Stainless steel plays a vital role in preserving the body of the exhaust.

The exhaust is fully polished with a double wall. It offers you the best minimal flow restrictions. The sound from the exhaust is deep as well as rich for the environment.

Installing the Cold Air Intake System Exhaust Kit is very easy and convenient. The simple instructions provided with it will enable you to do so.

The size of the exhaust canister is 9” x 5”. The tip of the exhaust is also double-layered at 4 inches.

The factory pipe needs to be cut down before installing it.  Make sure you take the proper measurement of it; which is 1-3/4” cut from the weld of the rear muffler.


  • The noise level from the exhaust is very pleasing
  • The installation process of the device is simple and easy
  • Comes with the best compatibility and lost lasting duration


  • Pretty much heavy. So adds an extra load on your car.

3. MRT 91A177 Version 2 Replacement Performance Exhaust System for 2010-15 V6 Camaro

MRT V2 Axleback 91A177 ( 2010 - 2015 ) V6 Camaro

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Your V6 Camaro will be completed after you equip the MRT 91A177 Version 2 exhaust system. The exhauster performs so efficiently that you’ll become an ln all-time fan of it.

When it comes to its features, they have always been a great-sounding exhaust for the 2011 Camaro v6. Let’s introduce you to its features and other descriptions.


The exhaust system accelerates the overall performance and sound of the whole V6 Camaro. You can control it on your own with your desired needs.

Not only that but also the Horsepower increment is also noticed with the increase in the exhaust flow. Your engine turns into a beast mode and you get the benefit of it.

The whole machine is crafted with 304-graded stainless steel. It provides you with the best durability you can expect from any exhaust.

Coming with a lifetime warranty, the MRT 91A177 Version 2 exhaust system ensures that you get the best out of it.

The 3.5″ double-layered stainless-steel polish gives an outstanding layer to the tip. This also improves the style of your regular ride.


  • Lightweight and suitable for quick fixation
  • Very easy and feasible to use in your daily rides
  • Improves the overall performance of your V6 Camaro ride


  • Drones noise inside the car which is not avoidable

4. Borla 11788 Rear Section Exhaust

BORLA 11788 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System for 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2L V8...

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Having RWD 2R, the Borla 11788 Rear Section Exhaust Kit is a very recommendable exhaust for your V6 Camaro.

Its multi-core technology will evolve the overall performance of the automotive in the best way.

Not only that, its fuel economy, long-lasting, and durability serve the best for your automotive. The features of the Borla 11788 Rear Section Exhaust Kit will surely amaze you.


Borla 11788 Kit with its multi-core technology and straight-through patent unleashes the hidden beast mode HP.

It has hidden HP gives a vital boost to driving performance as well as power consumption.

Each of the machines is built up of high-quality stainless steel. You get the best performance and durability of its function. Hardly will it result in any failure or error to your ride.

The smooth mandrel bends to ensure the best power to the exhaust. Not only that, the computer-controlled CNC manufacturer ensures the best fit for the V6 Camaro.

The exit of the exhaust is of the split rear. The machine tends to remove the sound frequencies in the best way than other exhausts.

The million-mile warranty makes it to be a very convincing machine for your V6 Camaro.


  • Improves the sound level both inside and outside.
  • Best material and durability
  • Enhances the usual performance of the automotive


  • The power consumption rate is pretty high

5. Spec-D Tuning Universal 3″ Jdm Hi-Power Dual Tip Dtm Exhaust Muffler

Spec-D Tuning Dual Slant Tip 3' Outlet 2.5' Inlet Stainless Exhaust Muffler

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The Spec-D Tuning MF-RS3DTM Universal Fitment Dtm comes with outstanding durability and is the best fitting for your automotive.

It eases the overall performance of your car and makes a cool impression on it.

With great body and mileage, the exhaust can be a great choice for the V6 Camaro. The feature it provides surpasses many exhausts in the market.


The whole body of the exhaust is made up of stainless steel. That means you’ll be getting the best protection from it.

When it comes to the durability of the machine, it stands among the best. No sign of crack or leakage will be seen. Moreover, it tends to bear more heat than the usual exhausts.

The tips of the exhaust have dual features. Each has a 3” width along with the best flowing ability.

The best airflow will ensure the best performance of your automotive. And for that, the exhaust ensures to have the best performance for your car.

Not only does it enhance the performance of the car but also it makes the best looking at it. The exhaust is very much good-looking and stylish. It increases the overall style of the car.

The exhaust provides 30-day money-back policy with 90 days limited warranty.


  • High airflow is ensured
  • Boosts the performance of the car by many times
  • Very good-looking and stylish.
  • The sound audibility is very convincing


  • The warranty of the exhaust is not up to the mark.

6. Magnaflow 11386 Satin Finish Classic Deep Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow X-PIPE Performance Muffler 11386 | 2.5' Inlet/Outlet

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Developed with signature tone sound, the MagnaFlow 11386 Exhaust Muffler can be a crucial sounding muffler for a v6 truck.

This exhaust will fit in the most perfect way providing the best comfort to your overall driving.

When it comes to boosting performance, it never backs out. Let’s see how it improves performance when equipped with the V6 Camaro.


The whole body of the exhaust is made up of stainless steel. No corrosion or defect can be seen on it.

This superb body ensures long-time servicing by the exhaust. It can undergo various conditions and can withstand them.

All the mufflers are modified with a wide design. The design is made wide open with the performance of the automotive.

The fitting of the exhaust depends on the specific vehicle. It serves the best when equipped with the V6 Camaro.

The measurement of the in and out diameter is 2.5”/2.5”.


  • The exhaust is one of the best you can afford within a good range of budget
  • Performs a good mileage based on the performance
  • Can elevate the overall style and look of the backside of the car


  • It works mainly as a resonator rather than a muffler most of the time.

7. Dynomax 39522 Ultra Flo Single Exhaust System

Dynomax Ultra Flo 39522 Exhaust System Kit for Jeep Wrangler

Check Price

If you are looking for an exhaust for a long-term service, the Dynomax 39522 Ultra Flo Single exhaust system can be the loudest v6 Camaro exhaust.

Although it might lack many prospective features, it provides a comfortable service and performance to your automobile.

The traits of the exhaust made it popular within its price range. It can be a good buy if you are looking for an exhaust system within a less expensive budget.


As the exhaust is meant for long-term service, its body is made up of stainless steel. This body restricts any kind of defect and uneven occurrences on it.

The texture of the body is pretty much shiny and polished. This increases the outlook of the exhaust and makes it eye-catchy.

For promoting the performance of your automotive, the exhaust can support up to 1900 HP. Moreover, it can flow up to 2000 SCFM too. It indicates how much it impacts the performance of the engine.

The straight-through design of the exhaust ensures a good flow. It ensures the reduction of the backpressure of the exhaust.


  • The CRF technology absorbs the unwanted interior resonance
  • Very easy to equip and generate on the automotive
  • One of the best machines within its price range


  • Very specific for certain vehicles only.

Best Sounding Exhaust for V6 Camaro: Buying Guide 2022

Before buying the best-sounding exhaust for V6 Camaro, you should consider some factors. These factors will ensure a perfect buy for your V6 Camaro. The factors are:


The first thing to ensure is the supportability of the exhaust to the V6 Camaro. The automotive being one of the finest in the world requires specific exhaust in it.

If the exhaust doesn’t support it, it is of no use then. So, make sure about it before purchasing it.

Fuel Economy

The Camaro v6 exhaust will play a vital role in controlling the fuel in your car. To have a good fuel consumption rate for the V6 Camaro, make sure to get the right system.

The right amount of gas needs to be exhausted in the atmosphere. This will maintain a good flow throughout the car.

Controlling the Overall Power

The exhaust needs to be matched with the power supported by the automotive. Without that, the engine will fail and your car will undergo a lot of problems.

The best exhaust will ensure more displacement. This will be resulting in more power in the overall process.


The v6 Camaro exhaust is certainly a key part of the automotive. It will provide a comforting sound from the engine.

The in and out of the car can be kept calm and steady with it. This will click a lot on the V6 Camaro with proper instructions.

Some FAQs

What exhaust is good on a v6?

The Camaro exhaust system produced by the Borla is arguably the good choice for the V6 Camaro.

What Flowmaster sounds the best on a V6 Camaro?

The Flowmaster 943045 super 44 works the best on the V6 Camaro.

How can you make V6 Camaro Sound better?

To make the V6 Camaro sound better, choose a good muffler.  It should have a good minimal exhaust and resonating chambers.

How much horsepower gets out from a V6 Camaro?

The V6 Camaro features a 3.6-liter engine with 335 HP and 284 lb-ft of torque.

How fast is a V6 Camaro?

The governed top speed of the V6 Camaro is 155 mph.

Final Words

Just like a good engine, a good exhaust system plays a vital role in maintaining the performance of the car.

With that function, you must consider the best sounding exhaust for V6 Camaro along with its mentionable features.

This exhaust will give a total boost to the whole operation of the car. Working as a catalyst, it never fails to provide the best outcome for the V6 Camaro.

A car like V6 Camaro always deserves the best parts and gears.

So, when you are to consider the exhaust, never hesitate to get the best one.

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