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Duralast vs Interstate Batteries: The Ultimate Battle 2023

A lot of drivers care about the other parts of their cars, especially the outward appearance, and forget to take cognizance of the battery.

Do not feel pressured about getting your car’s bad battery replaced.

Why? Because you are not alone in the struggle. Throughout a complete life cycle of a vehicle, it is expected that the battery will be replaced at least once or twice.

So it is completely normal to change a vehicle’s battery.

This article will do well to compare the two brands of batteries that are popular among car users because of their reliability and excellent performance.

The Duralast and the Interstate well share some similarities in their approach but they have their unique differences.

A difference between Duralast and Interstate Battery

The three major factors to differentiate the two battery brands are; 

  • The Battery Life
  • The Core Charge Periods
  • The Light Indicators

The Battery life

We need to agree that some of the models of each of the battery types will vary in this regard. Some models will hold charge less than some models and vice versa.

Overall, the Interstate battery has a better battery life as compared to the Duralast battery. This is because of its low discharge rate. Hence, it’s more reliable.

The Core Charge Periods

Even though the Duralast battery models are not reliable as regards their battery life. They are, however, better in terms of the Core charge period.

Duralast batteries have the capability to recharge faster than their Interstate counterparts.

The reason for the short time recharging may be because they have storage capacity that is smaller and so charges faster, unlike the Interstate battery which has a large storage capacity and hence, charges slower.

Light indicators

The Duralast batteries do not come with light indicators. Whereas the Interstate batteries come with light indicators.

It is an added advantage of Interstate batteries over Duralast and other regular batteries included.

The light indicator functions to let you know that the recharging of the battery is going on. It also lets you know what charge your vehicle’s battery is holding.

It lets you know when the battery is fully charged so you can unplug it and totally avoid overcharging it.

Comparison Review and Key Features of the Battery Models

Interstate Batteries Automotive Battery 12V 63Ah (Group 34R) 800CCA SLI Pure Lead AGM Automobile Replacement Battery for Cars, Jeeps, SUVs, Trucks, Vans (MTZ-34R)

Interstate battery

Among Americans, the most famous brands are the Interstate battery.

They also happen to fall into the categories of traditional batteries, produced by one of the oldest battery makers in the battery-making industry.

The company with its headquarters in Dallas aims to serve a variety of battery-size needs that will be able to serve virtually all sizes of vehicles.

The Interstate batteries just like the Duralast battery types have a lot of models available in their range. They are:

Pros and Cons of Interstate Battery


  • Compared to Duralast, it is so easy to reach customer service
  • Because of its fair pricing range, it is quite affordable
  • It is one of the good, reliable, and dependable battery types you can find. 
  • It comes with ease of mounting and dismounting in varying sizes, usability, and maintenance
  • It comes in portable and compact sizes
  • The batteries are well protected as they come in hard and strong plastic exteriors.


  • The warranty periods are more like just mere words not put into action, it offers a limited warranty
  • The durability of some of the products can be questioned

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Duralast battery

The viability of the Duralast battery for consumers is very low as it is not as available to consumers as the other battery brands.

Well, except you purchase the battery from their official website directly and also from their selected dealers.

The batteries from the Duralast come in more than one model, so to say that all of the battery models from the company are good, will be a fallacy.

Because they are not from the same battery makers, the battery model shares some features in common.

The Duralast Battery Model Types

  • Duralast Tough
  • Duralast Gold
  • Duralast Platinum
  • Duralast Lawn and Garden
  • Duralast Gold Lawn and Garden
  • Duralast Marine
  • Duralast Power Sport
  • Duralast Gold Power Sport
  • Duralast Heavy Duty

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Pros and Cons of Duralast Battery


  • It has most of its parts are maintenance-free especially because of its non-spill design
  • It has a wide range of use in a wide variety of vehicles. From having models that meet deep cycling needs to models that meet have extreme starting power, it quite meets a lot of vehicle needs
  • It has a durable solid build. This build allows it to be greatly resistant to vibration and hence its durability improved.
  • It is a reliable and dependable battery type. This is largely because of its increased cycles and faster recharge rate.
  • It has more accessories that allow for greater power.


  • It is not easy to access the customer service
  • The durability of the battery reduces so fast and issues begin to arise about one year after use
  • It is not easy to find and purchase the battery outside the company’s website.

Which is better, the Duralast battery or the Interstate?

Although the two automotive batteries both basically and strongly rely on AGM technology and have almost the same power output. The availability and high battery quality of the Interstate battery put it in the position to be a better option than the Duralast.

How long is the replacement warranty on a Duralast battery?

The limited warranty on the Duralast battery starts to read from the day you make a purchase of the battery to the last day of the stated last day of the warranty period on your receipt. A replacement warranty on your Duralast battery allows you to get a battery replacement if your battery is found defective within the replacement period. About the length, it can be from 2-3 years from the time of purchase depending on the model.

Which of the battery types has the highest power output?

Duralast and Interstate batteries although have their output coming at a close range, one is still higher than the other. The Interstate batteries come with an average CCA of 800 cold-cranking amps while Duralast comes with 720 cold-cranking amps. Interstate comes with an average CA total of 1000 cranking amps while Duralast has an average total of 910 cranking amps. So the Interstate battery has a slightly higher power output than Duralast.

How long do Interstate batteries last?

In ideal condition, an original battery of Interstate will last for about 3-5 years. You should keep in mind that a lot of factors can contribute to its not attaining the ideal battery life. Poor maintenance, bad driving habits, and exposure to extreme elements are some of the factors that can reduce battery life.

Final words

Making a good battery selection for your vehicle will lower the rate at which the battery breaks down.

Very good battery maintenance in addition to a good battery will have a positive effect on the battery’s efficiency and life.

So while considering a quality battery type, we conclude by stating that Interstate and Duralast batteries are our battery recommendations for you.

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