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Super Start Battery Vs. Duralast: Major Differences

The Duralast battery is better than the Super Start battery in terms of availability, lifespan, and warranty. They also have more options available in the market.

But the price of these batteries is quite high. On the other hand, Super Start batteries are more durable and come at a lower cost.

Choosing one of these two batteries is quite complex based on these points only. More details are necessary to select the correct one between Super Start Battery Vs. Duralast. So keep scrolling!

Super Start Battery vs Duralast: Short Comparison

There are several differences between the Super Start and Duralast batteries. I have depicted the major differences between these two batteries in the following table. 

FactorsSuper Start BatteryDuralast Battery
Battery OptionsLessMore
Durability & Reliability More DurableMore Reliable
LifespanLast shorter compared to Duralast BatteryLast longer compared to Super Start Battery
AvailabilityFewer Locations + OnlineMore Locations + Online
Warranty6 to 36 Months 3-Year Free Replacement

These are just the key differences between the Duralast and Super Start Battery. I have presented the details about these differences in the next section. 

Super Start Battery vs Duralast: Detailed Comparison

This detailed comparison between the Super Start and Durattery will enable you to choose the best one. So have a good look at the following points.

Battery Options

Duralast has more options than Super Start. Different devices need different types of batteries for their operations.

These batteries have different voltage outputs, sizes, and shapes. The versatility of the battery manufacturer depends on the number of options they have.

Both Duralast and Super Start have several options for batteries. Let’s check out the options offered by Super Start:

  • SuperStart Car & Economy Truck Batteries 
  • SuperStart Economy Marine Batteries 
  • SuperStart Powersports Batteries 
  • SuperStart Specialty Batteries 

Now let’s see the types of batteries manufactured by Duralast:

  • Duralast Battery
  • Duralast ProPower Ultra Battery
  • Gold Battery
  • Platinum EFB Battery
  • Heavy Duty Battery
  • Duralast ProPower AGM Battery
  • Duralast ProPower Battery
  • Platinum AGM Battery
  • Lawn & Garden Battery
  • Gold Lawn & Garden Battery
  • Marine Battery
  • Power Sport Battery
  • Gold Power Sport Battery
  • Duralast ProPower Plus Battery
  • Duralast ProPower EFB Battery

So it’s easy to say that Duralast is miles ahead of Super Start in terms of options offered. 

Durability & Reliability 

The durability and reliability of the batteries depend on their built material and charging time. Duralast batteries come with carbon additives which help in faster charging.

So these batteries are charged quicker than Super Start. Thus they are more reliable in emergency situations. You can charge them quickly and use them as per need.

However, Super Start batteries are made with more premium materials. Die-cast grid technology has been used in the manufacturing of Super Start batteries.

Besides that, AGM Stop Auxiliary and extra heavy-duty construction have enhanced the durability of these batteries to another level. 

To conclude, Duralast is more reliable, whereas, Super Start is more durable.


Duralast batteries last at least 1.5 times more time than conventional batteries. This is due to the use of increased positive paste density in the Duralast batteries.

However, Super Start also uses modern technologies for increasing the lifespan of its batteries.

The extra heavy-duty construction and advanced technology enable the Super Start batteries to last long. Yet, Duralast batteries offer a longer lifetime in real life.

So Duralast is the clear winner in this segment. 


Duralast is ahead of Super Start in this case. Duralast is sold through AutoZone only. And AutoZone is one of the largest chains in the US. This makes Duralast available throughout the country.

On the other hand, Super Start is marketed by O’Reilly Auto Parts. But they are not as widely spread as AutoZone.  So, Duralast is more available physically than Super Start.

However, both batteries are sold online. So, availability should not be a big issue in this modern world.


Duralast provides a 3 Year Free Replacement warranty on all of their batteries. The customer can get the faulty battery replaced within this time without much hassle.

But the case is not similar for Super Start batteries. 

Super Start batteries also offer a 3-year warranty. But that’s only available for some selected models. Other batteries have short-term warranties starting from 6 months. 

Thus, Duralast is the winner in case of providing a long-term warranty.


The cost of Duralast batteries is more than the Super Start batteries. Let’s take Duralast Platinum and Super Start Platinum batteries as examples. The price of the Duralast Platinum battery is $240.

Whereas, the Super Start Platinum battery comes at the cost of $108 only. Just like this example, the price of other Duralast and Super Start batteries with similar qualities also varies. 

So, the Super Start battery is ahead of the Duralast battery in terms of selling batteries at a low cost.

Final Verdict 

Selecting one of these two batteries is not an easy task. Both the Duralast and Super Start batteries come with great qualities. Yet I have tried to pick a winner based on their differences. 

Duralast batteries are ahead of Super Start batteries in terms of specifications. They are more reliable, available, long-lasting, and come with more warranty.

But the price of Duralast batteries is too high. If you want to go for the quality, this one’s for you.

On the contrary, Super Start batteries are budget-friendly. But they also offer some great specs compared to the battery price. If you want to save some bucks, Super Start batteries are the best choice for you.


Is the Duralast Gold battery better?

Yes, the Duralast Gold battery is better. This battery is made to provide more power. So it is bigger and heavier than its predecessor. Moreover, the Duralast Gold battery has more vibration resistance. All these qualities make the Gold battery perfect for tasks with high power demand.  

Which type of battery is best?

Lithium-ion batteries are the best among all types of batteries. Lithium is a very light metal. This quality helps to keep the weight of the battery low. They also have a higher energy density than other battery cells. So they can store more energy and give output for a long time. 

Final words

This is all on the debate of Super Start Battery vs Duralast. I think that now you can easily select the best battery for you.

Make sure to check all the factors thoroughly including the compatibility of the battery. The battery is of no use if it’s not compatible with the device. 

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