How to Reset DEF System on Dodge in 2022

By Sayeed Parvez •  Updated: 02/10/22 •  7 min read

If you like to know how to get rid of the trouble codes from your DEF system. Then you should read on because knowing how to reset the DEF system will help you get rid of the problem. A DEF means a Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

The DEF error code may pop up on your dashboard screen without a prior warning sign and it could get you stranded in the middle of a road if you do not have an idea of what the problem is and how you can solve it. This article will give you a step-by-step breakdown of how you can reset your dodge DEF system. 

How do I reset my Dodge DEF System?

service def system see dealer

Method 1 – Reset the Dodge Ram Limp Modes Message by Adding Exhaust Fluid

Well, it is as simple as it sounds. You will be able to reset the DEF error message appearing on your dashboard by just adding some exhaust fluid to the redundant tank. Electronic Computer Module can sometimes not detect a redundant fluid tank level and instead will show the limp mode DEF message. 

Adding 2 to 3 gallons of DEF exhaust fluid into the DEF tank will be enough to get the dodge ram limp mode message reset. The only way to confirm if the reset method worked out is to restart your engine. Once you can start it without getting any warning messages displayed on the dashboard, the reset job has been completed.

Method 2 – Reset the Dashboard

Resetting the dashboard allows you to reset all the false engine codes on your dashboard alongside the DEF limp mode. Follow the steps below to reset your dashboard.

Method 3 – Get the Battery Terminal Disconnected

Getting the battery terminal disconnected is also one good method to reset the DEF message in case of false warning messages. The battery terminal is disconnected by taking out the negative battery cable of the battery. The negative cable should be left out for at least 30 minutes. The disconnected battery terminal should be reconnected after 30 minutes. Check for the fault warning code on the dashboard, it should no longer be there if the method was able to get the DEF system reset back to its normal mode.

Method 4 – Reset using a Scanner or an Error Code Reader

Are you reading the fourth method because none of the above methods was able to reset your dodge DEF system? Relax and check out the steps to using a code reader for reset.

Although the methods of resetting a dodge DEF system appears simple, it shouldn’t be taken with levity. All methods should be carried out with precautions. If you have a manual provided for your DEF system, make sure to follow up on all instructions in it. 

Do you still have more questions about a dodge DEF system, you read on to get answers to them.


How to Reset DEF System on Dodge Eco Diesel?

Warning messages start to display on your dashboard when the DEF level attains a driving range of approximately 800 kilometers. Ignoring the warning messages as they appear in sequence may cause your vehicle to not restart unless at least 2gallons of DEF is added. 
Since an Eco diesel uses DEF. The same resetting technique for a Dodge DEF system is applied to reset a system on Dodge Eco Diesel. Therefore, the answer to the ” how to reset DEF System on Dodge Eco Diesel” can be found following the above-explained methods too.

How to Reset Service DEF System on Dodge?

If you have the service DEF system warning coming up on your dashboard. Your DEF system likely needs a software update. Once the update is made, the service message can then be reset. There are necessary tools to be used for the software update. Tools like wiTECH or its equivalent provided it is loaded with the appropriate software that will be able to get the service DEF system on dodge code reset.

How do I know if my DEF Pump is Bad?

The fast and easy way to find out if your DEF had become bad is to check for the appearance of the fluid. A good DEF will appear in a clear solution but the appearance of a cloudy or colored solution most probably points at an old or contaminated DEF and it should be changed as soon as it is discovered. Using a bad DEF can cause issues to like;

Knowing that all of the above-listed issues could result from using a bad DEF, how then can you keep your DEF from becoming bad?

Here’s how to keep your DEF from going bad

Final word

That is all you need to know about DEF and how to reset a dodge DEF system. We hope that you will be able to find them useful when you need them. Should in case you couldn’t still get your dodge DEF system reset after following the methods listed list in this article.

We advise you to contact a DEF system reset service manager. Your entire DEF system probably needs to be replaced.

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